Window Trim Ideas

Windows are always considered as the eyes of your house. They are very important as they need to look their best every single time. The more you polish your window equals the more appealing your house is. Therefore, you need perfect window trim ideas to get your house looking good to the eye of everyone who passed by.

With trim, your option is endless. You can play with color or the materials. Play with ornaments to gain the most authentic personality. Make a statement with the best ideas of it. Here, we compile the best window trim ideas you might want to look at. So please take a stroll down the lane and get the best window trim ideas for your house.

Window Trim Options

Window trim options

Usually, exterior window trim ideas offers a lot more styles to work with rather than interior window trim ideas. This happens because everyone believes that a house needs to look the best from the outside to the inside. You can use many types of trim for your house. Some of them can be called  baseboard trim, chair rails and crown molding.

Window Trim Styles

Window trim styles

Window trim comes in so many styles to make it easier for you to choose how you want your house to look. Ranch styles could work for a farmhouse as it gives out the rustic feeling a farmer would want for the ranch house. However, you might want to pickout a window trim ideas with craftsman style for a modern minimalist looking house. Nevertheless, colonial styles are perfect for large classic types of house. No matter what style you choose, be sure to pick the one suitable with the style of your house.

Modern Exterior

Modern exterior

Window trim is essential to the exterior of every house. Trim will help you cover the rough edge between the siding as well as the its frame. It actually helps in keeping out the nasty elements of nature and protecting your house. Trim would certainly complete the exterior look of your house. If you want your house to look modern,  pick minimalistic trim to highlight the large minimalistic window.

Window Casing Ideas

Window casing ideas

Casings are referred to the moldings you build around window frames. You could typically install them outside your home to seal your window frame. The function of the casing is to block extreme weather from accessing the inside of the house. Window casings are considered as  the finishing part of a its installation. They work just like door and baseboards moldings.

Wood Window Trim Ideas

Wood window trim ideas

Softwoods are usually utilized as window. This happens due to the fact that softwoods are inexpensive and generally easier to modify. The examples of softwoods are pine and fir. These types of woods are suitable for painting as well as staining. Building a wooden window trim ideas could be fun to begin with. However, it can be complicated for those who don’t like to be handy. It is advisable to hire a professional to help you do it if that was the case.



Modern contemporary homes could benefit from using black window trim. This kind of trim is suitable with any kind of house though it would look exceptionally stellar with a classic one. Black window has the ability to bring the natural color of wood to the surface. Black coloring would also make your lighter environment stand out more.

Kitchen Window Trim Ideas

Kitchen window trim ideas

This kitchen window is a white-trimmed window framed by shutters. You could paint it with bold contrast color, but you do not have to do so. Choose a pale version of green and blue, for a pastel muted effect. However, if you are looking for a timeless exterior, you need to combine white wood trim with  gray siding and black shutters.

When you have quite stunning wooden front doors, a large white window can help you to draw the passerby to your exterior’s center point. This kind of it would suffice even in bright colored houses. The clean window creates brightness contrasts so well against the wall coloring.



Victorian architecture often places windows framed in ornate exterior trim woodwork. While this installation is not really cost-effective, this look can very well be enchanting when used properly. In order to make the design of the window ornate trim to stand out, you could paint them in white or another light pastel color and spray a medium or dark tone paint around your exterior wooden walls.

Bay Window Trim

Bay window trim

Bay window trim ideas is an extremely beautiful to put on any home. This type of window  deserves extra attention and special treatment. Your bay window will also function as an entertaining part of your homes. This feature is definitely going to make a focal point for the entire architecture of the house.

You should be prepared to use copper for the roof of your bay window. The window would need some protection against the harshest weather. Paint it with darker color to highlight the rest of the interior. Put on a sofa in front of the bay window to get to the most fun part of it.



Square window trim ideas is suitable for bathroom and kitchen ventilation. These all will let the sunlight enter your house in such a gracious manner. You could build the trim in wood and seal it with ceramic or porcelain. The placement of the square window is highly pivotal for the lighting of the house throughout the day. Thus, make sure you have done your research before finally decide to place your square shape.

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