unfinished basement ideas

There are actually so many unfinished basement ideas that you can implement to your basement. As a part of the house, the basement would affect the value of your property. Not to mention that you want that area to be useful and functional. The idea of having an unfinished area with dirty and dark space is definitely unappealing – and rather scary too. Won’t it be wonderful if you be able to make use the space and turn it into something functional – even visually aesthetically pleasing?

There are ways to finish the basement – and it doesn’t have to be costly either. You make it your personal project, doing it with your family during weekends. It would be wonderful to see how the dingy and dark useless area is transformed into something functional and visually interesting.

Decorate Unfinished Basement

Decorate Unfinished Basement
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Make sure that you declutter and clean the basement first before you are going to decorate it. Once the basement is clear out of debris and it is clean, it would be easier to arrange things and work on the layout.

Here are some things that you can do to decorate the unfinished basement:

  • Make sure that you paint it. If your basement is pretty dark with minimal lighting, it would be best to choose light and bright paint color. You don’t want the darkness to stay, right?
  • Consider the lighting. If your basements have openings for windows or other openings that allow light to enter, then focus on it. You want as much natural light as possible – and then you plan out the lighting fixtures. Remember, in order to be functional, you want to have enough lighting. It doesn’t have to be too much, but make sure that it isn’t dark or gloomy.
  • Consider partitions. There are portable partitions that you consider, but in case you can’t, use the sectional rugs to define spaces in the basement. If the basement is quite big or wide, you want to divide it into different areas to make it functional.

In this image, for instance, the lounging area is defined by the rugs. Either you use rugs or flooring with patterns, you should be able to have sections without having to spend a fortune.

DIY Unfinished Basement Ideas

DIY Unfinished Basement Ideas
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If you are rather short on the budget, why not doing any DIY project? You don’t have to hire a professional service. Be sure to start slowly and take a baby step in doing so. As you can see from the image, the basement comes in very simple look. It only comes with a sofa and a TV set – seems that the basement is designed as an entertainment area.

How to layout or decorate the basement depends on what you are planning about the room. Knowing what you want from the area is a key element in unfinished basement ideas. Make sure that you include the important items to make the room functional. After dealing with the lighting and the pain, furnish it. If you want to make it your man cave, place the sofa, the coffee table, and the TV console. If you are planning a home office, you need to place at least a working desk and a chair. If you want to create a bar, make sure to include the bar and the chairs.

Again, what to include in the area depends on your plan. Incorporate the important pieces of furniture first, and then start from there.

Cheap Basement Ideas

Cheap Basement Ideas

Finishing the unfinished basement ideas doesn’t have to be costly. Flooring installation can be done on your own, especially if you choose engineered type of flooring, such as luxury vinyl flooring. This one usually comes in floating floor type which makes it effortless and easy to install.

Next, another unfinished basement ideas is to do the painting on your own. Instead of giving the painting job to professional service, why not doing yourself? Choose the colors that you like, make sure that they are bright and cheerful. It would be wise to have samples first so you don’t make mistakes.

Choose the pieces of furniture you want to include in the basement. From the example image, you see that the arrangement is pretty simple and straightforward. For a starter, it doesn’t have to be extravagant or too much. As it was stated on the previous section, start slowly and make sure that you include the most important items first.


Flooring for Unfinished Basement

For the unfinished basement ideas, it would be better to choose engineered and non-porous flooring types. Choose tiles or vinyl or even luxury vinyl planks. Going with hardwood floor is a bad idea because of the porous nature. Basement generally has high level of humidity and moisture. If you choose hardwood, it will warp, buckle, and damage not long after the installation.

Today’s luxury vinyl flooring is beautiful. It can imitate the look of stone or wood, but with better waterproof quality. Not to mention that such flooring usually comes as floating floor with its own click and go system. It would be super easy and fast to install the floor.

Small Unfinished Basement Ideas

Small Unfinished Basement Ideas

Small unfinished basement ideas don’t mean that you can’t make them functional. In fact, if you be able to combine good layout and effective planning, the area could be quite amazing. As you see from the example image, the basement is small but it is functional. The minimalistic design and the incorporation of the necessary items boost the usage of the room. It would be even better if you have multifunctional items or furniture. But even if you don’t, smart layout and arrangement would be just great!


Painting Unfinished Basement Ideas

As it was mentioned before, do the painting job on your own. If you don’t have the budgets for the flooring, it is always possible to paint in – as shown in the example image. Painting the unfinished basement ideas can seriously transform the look of the area. Whether you only paint the wall, only the floor, or both the floor and the wall, rest assured that it would change the look and also atmosphere of the room. After all, painting is one of the easiest and inexpensive unfinished basement ideas for all homeowners.

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