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Travertine is one of the beautiful choices for interior connoisseurs and homeowners. Its name is very popular in the property world. Because of its luxurious appearance. But what is actually travertine? Travertine is a type of stone existed since Roman times. Recently it has proven to be very strong. It has been installed in famous buildings such as the Colosseum. Maybe when you visit one of your close friend’s houses. One of the furniture like a table made of travertine. Therefore, travertine countertops made in all shapes, patterns and colors.

Where does it come from? After finding out, Travertine comes from a limestone clan. It made from very high heat and emphasis. It has the special characteristic of having irregular cavities and holes. However, each travertine stone from one another has a different structure. Uniquely, this stone can be found in beautiful colors. Such as beige, gold, silver, coral, brown and many more.

What is Travertine Countertops?

what is travertine countertops

The table top is made in a cross cut and a vein cut. Vein cuts are travertine stones cut parallel to natural veins and avoiding transverse cuts. The shine of these countertops is determined on the type of coating. For that, the final appearance of the travertine countertops has four types. They are polished, rolled, chiseled and honed edges. Resins and grout are commonly used in travertine filling.

Travertine Tile Countertops

travertine tile
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Then how do you know the form of travertine countertops on the market? You may find on the market in two forms. They are travertine slabs and travertine tiles. However in choosing a design idea, travertine plates or slabs are more suitable for use in the kitchen. Because they do not have grout lines. So that bacteria and dust cannot accumulate. But this type of slab is more expensive than tile one. Tiled countertops are usually suitable for bathroom installations and are fairly easy to install.

Here are some beautiful design ideas for travertine tables:

Travertine Bathroom Countertops

Tired of the usual bathroom designs? Then make some changes by installing a travertine countertops bathroom counter. Take a look at some of the design ideas references below:

Cream Colored Travertine

cream travertine bathroom countertops
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The cream colored bathroom vanity above looks simple but beautiful. It uses a travertine tile design. The advantage of using travertine stone that is not only gives a beautiful physical impression. But also gives an elegant and luxurious look without having complex.

Walnut Color Travertine Countertops

walnut colored travertine countertops

See how the walnut color combination of travertine countertops. And a sink made of dark bronze go very well together. The smooth stone surface fits perfectly with a sink.

Beige Travertine Tiles

beige colored travertine tile countertops

If you keep attention to the explanation above. Maybe you understand that travertine tiles are suitable use in the bathroom. Beige travertine tiles are widely found and used. They have an aesthetic appearance. And are flexible in color when combined with other colors. You could say the favorite color of many people. If it’s your theme. Then this tile is highly recommended as it adds a soft touch. The small white wardrobe also adds a modern and minimalist nuance. Add a large white framed glass for an independent and firm impression.

Light Cream Travertine Bathroom Countertop

light cream colored travertine bathroom countertops

Are you admire a thing with difference shade combined into one but look suitable? then this design idea is for you. The light cream travertine bathroom looks unique and classic. It combined with gray marble stripes. This method mixes two different stones for a unique and open style.

From the several design options above. We recommend choosing a third bathroom design. Because it is clear that the atmosphere is modern and elegant. A classy touch is felt throughout the countertop combined with the bathroom walls. And the addition of glass makes this bathroom feel independent.

Travertine Kitchen

For those of you who want to have an antique and different kitchen table from the usual. Choosing a travertine kitchen table can beautify your kitchen. The flat, colorful tile surface represents a sleek and very soft shape.

Give your kitchen a stunning makeover by installing a travertine worktop with some of the design ideas given below:

Beige Travertine Countertops

beige travertine countertops

This beige travertine countertop tile makes an absolute change when you are renovating your kitchen. It makes your kitchen more modern and friendly. Meanwhile, the color of the walls is made to match the tiles symbolizing unlimited art.

Silver Kitchen Countertops

Silver kitchen Travertine countertops

The character of a silver kitchen table is judged by its elegant appearance. Even though it is relatively cheap. Using this kitchen table concept can still look stylish.

Gold Travertine Countertops

gold travertine countertops

The gold travertine countertops concept is no less interesting. Its distinctive colors are known for its luxurious, striking and elite nuances. Meanwhile, the difference in white color on cabinets, stoves and doors is to provide variety. It make look more attractive.

Ivory Travertine Kitchen Counters

Ivory travertine kitchen countertops

Ivory travertine kitchen counter looks amazing combined with the silver and white themed kitchen. Plus, the wooden cabinets are made bright. So that the color meeting looks neat. You can choose this design if you like the grand concept.

Travertine Pros And Cons

travertine Countertops pros and cons

Although travertine has many benefits and provides beauty to every angle. There are some disadvantages of travertine. Be aware of some of these pros and cons listed below:

Travertine Countertop Pros

A travertine countertops¬† can provide an elegant, classic, and soft according to the shape and color at home. It has a unique and uneven coating. But it’s the character that makes the rock popular with so many people. A wide variety of colors can help brighten up a kitchen or bathroom.

Another superiority, the travertine table is very durable than other interior materials. Its water-absorbing nature makes it a good choice for bathroom or other exterior installations. Easy to cut and shape textures than porcelain tiles. Therefore it can be used according to the needs of the interior of the house. Such as, sink, shower, and fireplace panels. Travertine also has a light weight than marble. So making it easier to ship. No less important, this type of stone comes from nature so it is environmentally friendly. The price is relatively affordable compared to granite and marble.

Travertine Countertops Cons

Besides its boundless beauty, The biggest weakness of travertine countertops is they scratch easily due to their soft qualities. And they are prone to stains. Clean immediately when you cook in the kitchen and your table is exposed to liquid. If not immediately, the surface is easily scratched.

Due to their imperfect surface each sheet must be properly filled and sealed during installation. It is easy to cause bacterial growth because the surface is moist.

Travertine Vs Granite. Which One is Better?

travertine vs granite

Since travertine tiles have more difference in interesting colors and patterns. Then it is easier for you to match with almost any color concept in the house. When viewed from a natural source, travertine is more environmentally friendly than other types of natural stone, including granite.

However, the disadvantages of travertine tiles have a less solid surface compared to granite.

What about granite?

The hardest natural material besides diamond is granite tiles. They come from igneous magma rock. It cooled over millions of years. Has a surface is resistant to heat and other fluids. Granite is also easy to care for and clean. Unfortunately, granite is only available in a limited number of colors and designs.

So, which one is better? back to your choice. Everyone has different tastes.

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