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Having two or more cars in a house is a normal thing, but you have to be smart in planning the home design to make sure that the house still feels spacious. Among the option is designing a tandem garage. What is a tandem garage and what does it mean for your home design? The word tandem means placing one thing behind the other. When it comes to garage design, a tandem-style carport means a garage, in which the cars can be place one behind the other. Modern homeowners choose to build this type of carport, as it requires less pavement work, which means fewer costs for pavement and maintenance.

Common Types of Tandem Garage

Actually, a tandem-type garage is just like the traditional carport, as it is spacious enough to accommodate two cars or more. However, the design is more favorable when viewed

There are some types of tandem garage, depending upon the capacity. The following are the most common types:

2-Car Tandem Garage

2-Car Tandem Garage
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In a 2-car garage in tandem style, the two cars are parked in a longitudinal way, instead of a lateral way. In other words, width of the carport remains the same, but it provides enough room for two cars – one car is placed behind the other.  Some families intentionally build 2 car tandem garage, but only one part is used for the car, while the remaining space is used for storage. However, when they have two cars in the future, there is enough space for them.

As seen in the picture above, the carport typically has one door for both entry and exit. The advantage of this type of carport is that it saves the space in your house and the design is simple. However, the driver must be very careful when parking the car. Otherwise, the car can be stuck as there is another one behind it. Some homeowners avoid such problem by having two garage doors. This way, the car can enter or exit from either side of the door without hitting the other car.

However, the two-door design can only work if the driveway layout enables such design. The problem is that most driveway layouts do not allow it. In fact, how big is a tandem-style carport may vary widely, depending upon the type of home and the vehicle. The carport may differ in size from a home to another.

3 Car Tandem Garage

3 Car Tandem Garage
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This is another common type of garage. The 3 car tandem-type garage is commonly found in different types of homes. Seen from the outside, this type of carport looks like a traditional garage, as two cars are parked laterally. The third car is placed behind one of the two cars. In other words, this is a combination of 2-car garage and traditional carport. The most common feature of this carport is seen in the following picture.

As seen in the picture above, the homeowners may choose to use the whole space to park three cars. However, they may also use it to park two cars and use the remaining space for storage of other vehicles like motorcycle or bicycle. The front side of the carport is wide enough for two cars, while only one side is deep enough to accommodate two cars longitudinally. In other words, size of a 3 car tandem garage is one and half of the 2-car tandem style carport.

4 Car4 Car Tandem Garage

This is also called double garage. The size is two-fold of the 2-car garage. When the space is used to park 4 cars, there will be two cars in the front line and two other cars in the back line. As seen in the following image, the 4-car garage in tandem style is actually the double version of 2-car tandem style carport. Ideally, there are two carport doors in two sides of the driveway layout. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for exit and entry of the cars.

Driveway Layout Side Entry Garage

Driveway Layout Side Entry Garage
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For certain types of house, such as those that are located at a corner lot, design of the carport must be planing carefully to adjust to the landscape. Among the advantage of a home on a corner lot is that you can design parking space on two sides of the lot. Depending upon design of the house, you can have two tandem garages in two sides of your house. Alternatively, a driveway layout side entry carport is enough, as seen in the following picture.

Advantage of a driveway layout side entry carport is that the family members get fewer disturbances from the vehicle noise. However, it also has certain disadvantages. For instance, you need much driveway space. It means that you need more money on pavement costs compared to the amount of money you need for tandem style carport. It also means that you have to allocate more costs for maintenance every year.

What Is and How Big Is It

Now that you understand what is a tandem garage as well as its types, the next question to answer is how big is a carport in tandem style? As mention above, dimension of a carport depends upon some factors like home design, dimension of the cars to be parking in the carport, and land availability. Some homeowners choose to build the carport wide enough. Therefore, they can use some parts of the carport for storage. Meanwhile, some tandem garages are enough only to accommodate the cars.

Width of average car varies from 12 feet to 16 feet for wider vehicles.  Meanwhile, length of average car varies from 12 to 20 feet. Typically, width of a carport varies from 18 to 24 feet, while the length varies from 21 to 26 feet, depending upon the home design and the land size. There is no standard size of a tandem garage, but you have to make sure that the space is enough for the car to enter and exit or to do some maintenance while all the doors are open.

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