Steampunk Bedrooms

When you think of creating steampunk bedrooms, simply imagine a unique space where contemporary technology meets Victorian style.

If you want to have a bedroom that has a fun, unique, and creative look, futuristic styles will indeed make the most of your wish.

This unusual bedroom design is not everyone’s cup of tea, yet it may suit your fancy taste. To help you get started, refer to the following information.

What Is Steampunk Bedrooms Style?

What Is Steampunk Bedrooms Style
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Steampunk is a style that integrates technology and designs inspired by industrial aesthetics in the 19th century.

Considered as an underground subculture, this style is recently gaining more popularity in terms of home designs.

Today, steampunk bedrooms can be found in the main sanctuary as well as the kids’ room. They make a great option for anyone who prefers a perfect combination between the classic Victorian style and the futuristic or industrial look.

Victorian steampunk décor typically emphasizes the use of furniture, clothing, and decorative items that suit this era. However, these elements are selected based on modern sensibility to achieve the unique futuristic look.

Perfect Steampunk Paint Colors

Perfect Steampunk Bedrooms Paint Colors

Steampunk paint colors are not gloomy, but they are a bit subdued. When designing with this style, just keep in mind that the mood is not for bright tones, wild patterns, or energetic schemes.

Colors that work well for steampunk bedrooms include black, brown, gray, burgundy or deep red, cream, deep purple, and navy blue.

You can also create an appealing contrast by using some textures in the design. Add smooth, glossy stain and graceful velvet to spice up your futuristic styles.

With its Victorian vibe, intricate lace can also help to spice up the subdued color scheme of a steampunk styled bedroom.

Moreover, some touches of metal especially brushed nickel, brass, pewter, copper, and tin also make a nice option to liven up your bedrooms while maintaining the futuristic mood.

Play with Steampunk Bedrooms Accents

Play with Steampunk Bedrooms Accents

When it comes to decorating accents, your steampunk themed room does not need many requirements to meet.

There is no need to purchase brand new furniture or decorative items. You can get items that look Victorian by visiting secondhand shops, garage sales, and antique stores.

For steampunk room decorations, you can focus on anything made of metal. Think of today’s technology that is likely to be thought about a century ago.

Since the bed tends to be the biggest piece of furniture, turn it to be a focal point of your steampunk bedrooms.

Bedding that has rich, deep grays, browns, or reds in a thick satin and velvet comforter makes an ideal choice to give the futuristic touch.

· Accessories and Lighting

Accessories and Lighting Steampunk Bedrooms

Moreover, the steampunk home accessories can be in the form of old map replicas and ancient globes.

Including aged, hardback books in your bookcases will make a great option too. You can also consider adding outmoded devices typically utilized for surveying, sailing, or anticipating weather.

To illuminate your steampunk bedrooms, opt for a historic-looking clock on the nightstand. If you choose electric lights, get one with an industrial look to keep the Victorian.

A lighting fixture that appears like candles or lanterns can provide an adequate touch of futuristic styles to your decoration as well.

·  Wall Art and Accents

Wall Art and Accents Steampunk Bedrooms

Meanwhile, your steampunk wall décor may include a poster or model of a Victorian-looking airship. Simply hang the art on the wall for a beautiful accent.

For the accents, you can stick with metal and dark wood. Avoid designs with plain or straight lines styling since ornate, curved ones are more Victorian.

Adding an antique or retro table fan can complete the visual interest of your steampunk bedrooms too. Besides, it will keep you cool during the hot summer.

Get Brand New, Secondhand or DIY Furniture

Get Brand New, Secondhand or DIY Steampunk Bedrooms Furniture

One of the best things about designing a steampunk bedroom is that you can comfortably choose among purchasing brand new or secondhand furniture. Then, going for DIY projects is also good for creating this style.

Steampunk furniture ideas typically focus on old, repurposed furnishings. However, you may still get brand new items that are designed to suit this theme.

You can even check out a nearby garage sale or even your grandmother’s attic to find old-fashioned furniture that fits in the steampunk bedrooms.

When you are looking for a steampunk bedroom set, some desirable items include a sleigh bed and brass frame. Despite this choice, make sure to purchase a new mattress to prevent any health risks.

· Roll-Top Desk and Antique Chair

Roll-Top Desk and Antique Chair Steampunk Bedrooms

Your steampunk headboard can be the darling of the bedroom. However, it should not stop you to get something fancy like a roll-top desk and old-fashioned chair.

Place the roll-top table in the corner of your bedroom for storing files, using a laptop, or writing bills. Then, complement the desk with an antique chair.

A leather armchair with men’s club-style and ornate wooden chair with wheels is perfect for steampunk bedrooms.

These chairs are both steampunk and convenience, so they make a perfect spot to sit or read books before bed.

· Old Trunk, Armoire, and Bookcase

Old Trunk, Armoire, and Bookcase Steampunk Bedrooms

One old-fashioned trunk will be greatly appreciated in steampunk living room ideas. A bedroom with the same style can benefit from this furniture as well.

Furthermore, you can also add a wooden armoire, especially one with dark wood finishes for most of the Victorian flair. This furniture will be perfect to store your electronic equipment, clothes, or anything else.

Then, some racks to accommodate books and other selections of futuristic items would be appreciated too. Pick an ornate, dark-wood bookshelf to make the most of this bedroom style.

You can also think of incorporating a steampunk sofa or couch as an enjoyable alternative to antique chairs.

Finish with Steampunk Bedrooms Literature

Finish with Steampunk Bedrooms Literature

If you are interested in reading some of the steampunk literature, include them in your bedroom design must be perfect.

Just like other steampunk decorating DIY projects, incorporating the literary pillars that inspire this style offers an extra visual interest.

Visit the nearby bookstore to find both new works and the futuristic classics like the Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, The Prophecy Machine by Neal Barrett, and The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.

Finally, you can enjoy your steampunk bedrooms while reading some of the best works in connection with this unique style.

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