Sofa Dimensions

Sofa is certainly a must-have furniture item in your house, right? Adding a set of beautiful sofas is an instant way to change the look in your living room. Of course, the size, the design, and the color of sofas must be carefully considered to make sure that they blend perfectly with the interior design. Sofa dimensions are among the most important aspects to consider when buying the furniture items. The dimension determines the sizes, the comfort, and well as the capacity of the sofas.

How To Determine Sofa Dimensions

How To Determine the Sofa Dimensions
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Sofas are different from any other furniture pieces like benches. Sofas are characterized with upholstered cushions, armrest, and seat backs. Some couch are even designed to allow for sleeping or lounging. For some families or even commercial buildings like hotels, bars, or offices, sofas (which are also know as couches or settees) are must-have furniture items. They are comfortable places for the guests.

Sofa dimensions refer to the measurement of couch from different sides. In a more detailed definition, sofa dimension includes outside height, inside height, seat height, arm height, outside depth, inside depth, inside length, or outside length. When shopping for sofas, you may see that some manufactures provide detailed information of the sofa dimensions while others only provide basic information like height, length, and depth of sofa.

Measure Sofa Dimensions

If you want to choose the right couch for your house, make sure that you know how to how to measure a sofa and how to measure the space for the sofa in your house. When you buy one online, make sure to ask for the real dimensions of the sofa. The sizes of sofa in the market vary widely. Every manufacturer has typical sofa dimensions, but there standard range, which you can use as references. The following steps may be helpful for you:

  • Measure the open space in the living room, or the room, where you want to put the couches;
  • Do not overlook the widths and height of the hallway and the doorway, as the couch will be carried out through them upon delivery;
  • Delineate the area, where you can out the couches, after allowing the walking room in front of the couches. Make sure that the walking room is enough for you and all the family members to allow natural flow of traffic.
  • If there are furniture items around, make sure to free at least 12 to 18 inches between the two furniture. The same rule also applies if you want to put 2 sofas in living room.
  • You can use masking tape to make a rectangle shape on the floor, upon which the couch is going to be placed.
  • Then, you can use the rough dimensions to look for the right couch that fit the size. Make sure that the sofa is fitted to the taped area or smaller.

Sofa Dimensions and Types of Sofa

There are many types of sofa in the market. Whether you shop for them online or in store, you will find endless choices. However, make sure to choose one based on the dimension that you have measured on the floor. Basically, the sofa dimensions are affected by the capacity. The following is typical couch size for room based on the capacity:


Loveseat Sofa Dimensions

As the name suggests, loveseat is designed as a seat for couples. It is a small couch, which is shorter than the standard sofa. However, other dimensions like depth and height are closely similar to the standard sofa sizes. Loveseat dimensions vary widely, depending upon the manufacturer. As seen the image above, dimensions of the loveseat are the following:

  • Full Length: 186 cm
  • Full height: 83 cm
  • Seat height: 48 cm
  • Arm height: 68 cm
  • Outside depth: 98 cm
  • Inside depth: 55 cm


3-Seater Sofa Dimensions

Just like the loveseat, 3 seater couch length width varies widely, depending upon the sofa design and the standard used by the manufacturer. As seen the following image, dimension of the 3-seater sofa is as follows:

  • Full Length: 201 cm
  • Full height: 77 cm
  • Seat height: 46 cm
  • Outside depth: 84 cm
  • Inside depth: 57 cm
  • Inside length: 161 cm
  • Seatback height: 28 cm


4-Seater Sofa Dimensions

This type of sofa is designed to accommodate more people. You can have a 4 person couch when the available space in the living room is long enough. Some homeowners choose to put one long sofa behind the main wall in the living room. In the following picture, information on the dimension of the 4-seater sofa is available only for the general measurements, namely the outside height, outside length, and outside depth.

When the available space in the living room is limited, you can choose to put a 4-seater couch at the room corner or choose an L-shaped couch. It saves the space dramatically, while keeping the room airy and stylish. Look at the following sample image of 4 person couch. In case that the dimension fits the space in your living room, you can choose to have one.

4-Seater Sofa Internal Dimensions

To have an L-shaped couch, make sure to measure additional room for the side cushions. It actually does not add the overall length of space you have to prepare. Instead, you need to measure additional depth. In the picture above, additional depth is 74 centimeters.

5-Seater Sofa Dimensions

5-Seater Sofa Dimensions

Most homeowners put 5 person couch at the corner of the living. A 5-seater linear couch will look too long. Unless the room is really spacious, such as one in a hotel lobby, it is better to have a corner couch with 5-seater capacity. As seen in the following image, the 5 person couch needs square space in the living room.

In conclusion, there are not definite sofa dimensions, as every manufacturer has its standards. Therefore, the most important thing to do when shopping for a couch are asking for the real dimensions and making sure that you measure the available space correctly.

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