shipping container garage

Creating the ideal (an ideal) garage can be difficult sometimes. Not only troublesome, it can also cost you a lot of money. However, a shipping container garage can easily become the solution of all your problems. It provides you a big storage at an extremely affordable price. A shipping container is currently trending throughout the world. Not only efficient, it is also eco friendly. By installing a shipping container garage, you have already supported the idea of a better world.

If you are looking for shipping container garage plans that will work best for your home, you are looking at the right direction. Fret not, we have prepared some of the most awesome shipping container garage conversions for you. Throughout these samples below, we sincerely hope that you will find the perfect garage to build at your own home.

Cargo Container Garage

Cargo container garage

This garage is made of a shipping container garage. With particular modification here and there, you would get this beautiful garage without breaking your bank. Combine a cargo container with used or new scraps of plastic, you will enjoy a perfect garage for your car in no time.

Sea Container Garage

Sea container garage

Sea container can be a good selection for your shipping container garage. As it is quite spacious, you should be able to fill it with a lot of stuff. You would want to paint it in grey to get a clean and minimalistic look. Make sure to put on some lights inside your sea container garage. Do not forget to install the air conditioner because it can get pretty hot in here.

Storage Container Garage

Storage container garage

Anyone would be able to get the most from a storage container garage only by playing with paint and color. To make your garage look more playful, you should try to combine white and red color. This color scheme will automatically enhance your home with a good colorful shipping container garage. You will be able to fill this garage with many things including cars and materials.

Conex Garage

Conex garage

Connecting a garage is easy when you are working with shipping container garage. Just like this one, anyone could simply connect two different shipping containers by building a connecting roof above both of them. The extra space in the middle can be used to store your car or to create a family barbecue-ing area. Whatever you choose, you are going to love spending your days above the grass and under the roof that protects you from sunlight.

Maritime Container

Maritime Container

Maritime containers can be considered quite smaller when compared to other shipping containers. However, you are still capable of making a room out of it. Although it will not be able to store your car away, maritime containers can be used to build a room or working space. You are allowed to even squeeze in a bedroom inside the maritime containers. Get a bed inside and make a sliding door to make the room appear spacious.

Converted Containers

Converted containers

Shipping containers is the new mainstream. Everyone is trying to convert it to a house as it gives out the trendy industrial look. With good looks, shipping containers can win your heart easily. But that is not the only benefit you are going to get out of it. You will also get the cheapest house available in the market right now by choosing to work with containers. The sturdy shapes and roofing will blow you away with its low maintenance cost.

Roof Between Two Shipping Containers

Roof between two shipping containers

When you put a roof between two containers, you would be eligible to get more rooms as well as unique design. Instead of using these containers as merely storages, you should utilize it as a trendy modern housing. This house is suitable for couples and even families. However, due to the limited space, you need to design your interior carefully. Do not forget to adjust your design with functionality.

Custom Shipping Container

Custom shipping container

Paint your container black and make a hole in the side for glass and door. This is a recipe to get your container customized to your needs. You shall use this custom shipping container for a whole lot of purposes. Whether using it for a selling booth or even a resting booth, a shipping container is always a good cheap option. Thus, try to get them in the market right now, before you run out of stock.

Shipping Container Workshop

Shipping container workshop

A workshop would always need special attention. Not only space requirement, you also need to care for some safety measurements. By using a shipping container as a workshop, you should be able to get both. You get a generous space to call yours and a safe space to build your most challenging project. Pay extra attention for the wiring and the lighting as they tend to be dangerous if you are not able to manage it safely. A little tip, consider to cover your wire with extra pipes to keep everything a little bit safer.

Shipping Container Motorcycle Garage

Shipping container motorcycle garage

To build a good motorcycle garage, you should utilize a shipping container. Pick one with the most rustic look to keep it rock n roll. A motorcycle garage needs a masculine design. You need to give it extra edge by keeping the light as dim as allowed. Fill your garage with racks to place your motorcycling equipment. You can also add an extra bed or sofa to get comfy inside your garage. Have fun spending time fixing your motorcycle or even building a new one.

Shipping Container Car Storage

Shipping container car storage

Container size was dictated with the width of your lawn and the amount of car you want to cover. The kind of shipping container garage you want to buy is more dictated by your amount of money. Shipping containers that are a bit damaged and scratched with a bit of rust will definitely be more affordable. If you are not looking at a perfect project or even want a shipping container that is always ready to buy, try this single trip container. A single trip container is never an essential section from cargo operation. Thus, they will be in way better condition since they only go out for one trip.

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