Shiplap Kitchen

Contemporary interior design requires a combination of a lot of styles. Some of them come from the past yet updated into current waves of application. Shiplap board is one of the classic elements we are going to talk about. When you throw a shiplap board into the mix, your design would develop a rustic quality of modern farmhouse. Not only beautiful to look at, these also give your kitchen a sense of warm and welcoming space. You can make a shiplap kitchen with clean lines and bright color. Embrace the modern industrial look by combining shiplap boards in your interior cook room design.

Shiplap can be very subtle when you try to blend it with the kitchen environment. So subtle that sometimes people overlook the rustic ambience it has brought to the table. However, this is actually beneficial because then you could combine it with any style to make an extra statement. Shiplap is very easy in terms of installation. The material costs nothing more than your budget. This should be quite a bargain, considering shiplap would enhance the look of your cook room to a whole new level.

So, if you are looking for the subtle warmth of an industrial rustic kitchen, shiplap is the perfect opportunity right on the go. You could put it above your counter or even use it as your cook room cabinet as the function of this stuff is limitless. These are some ideas you could use on your own shiplap kitchen. Enjoy the fun of playing with a shiplap board and get the most contemporary look on your kitchen area.

Shiplap Kitchen Island

Shiplap Kitchen Island

A shiplap kitchen island can be easily made of shiplap boards. Paint it blue and place them in the center of a white cook room to get the most of it. Not only pretty, the shiplap will get everyone’s attention by working as a centerpiece.

White Shiplap Kitchen

White shiplap kitchen

Nothing can ever go wrong with white, not even shiplap boards. Dip your shiplap boards into a white paint and put them on your shiplap kitchen wall. Combine them with a light wooden floor and get the feeling of an instant farmhouse. Don’t forget to top it off with a barn door. The warmth of this rustic design would take you to heaven right away.

Kitchens With Shiplap Walls

Kitchens with shiplap walls

Shiplap walls are great for the cook room due to the subtle classic feeling it gives away. You would always want a welcoming shiplap kitchen with extra homy vibes. Thus, a shiplap board could be the perfect dream come true. Installing these walls guarantee a comfy cozy look you won’t ever get tired of. So, what are you waiting for? Make it happen right now!

Shiplap Cabinets

Shiplap cabinets

Do you know that shiplap cabinets just hit a new trend? Well, for all we know shiplap cabinets have certainly never been out of date. You could purchase this type of cabinet at any store, or try to build it yourself. Shiplap cabinets are easy DIY. All you need is some shiplap boards and nails and voila! You get yourself an awesome shiplap cabinet.

Wide Horizontal White Shiplap Kitchen

Wide horizontal white shiplap Kitchen

Wide horizontal white shiplap would bring extra light to your kitchen. With its white coloring, the shiplap instantly makes your cook room brighter as it reflects the daily sunlight. Shiplap has a very subtle rustic to it. You do not have to worry about being too heavy when it comes to shiplap. This wall design could be a perfect option to enhance your cook room with a ray of sun.

Farm Shiplap Kitchen Backsplash

Farm shiplap kitchen backsplash

Ceramic tile or porcelain tile is one of the most popular ideas you could use for a beautiful shiplap kitchen backsplash. They are widely used in many common cook room because they are affordable and extremely subtle. You could combine it with larger floor tiles to get the most out of it. White backsplash is suggested due to the clean and neutral look it gives away.

Wainscoting Kitchen

Wainscoting kitchen

Wainscoting should be a more popular term to describe decorative paneling that have been used throughout centuries. You could also call wainscoting as a wall accent. Wainscoting has more to it than just a mere decoration. It gives out insulation as well as damage prevention to your walls. Wainscoting in the shiplap kitchen is normally made from wood. They cover the lowest interior wall for about three to four feet high.

Gray Shiplap Wall

Gray shiplap wall

Gray shiplap walls can be installed to cook room, bedrooms, living rooms and many others. They are versatile yet beautiful. Gray shiplap walls show that a rustic wall can never go out of date. They are always fresh but classy, elegant but welcoming.

Shiplap Shelves

Shiplap shelves

These shiplap shelves were pretty to look at as the complementary furnishing in your kitchen. You could put them on the top of your counter to make them more efficient. You build it by putting pilot holes down into your cook room drywall. Then you should drill them into their place with long screws. With these shiplap shelves you will get a perfect combination of functionality as well as authenticity. The shiplap shelf will stay still on top of the cook room to provide support for all of your decorative kitchenware.

Painting Backsplashes

Painting backsplashes

Paint your way to your  existing shiplap kitchen backsplash. This could be one of the easiest ways to add some color to your cook room. Adding an instant pop of color can enhance the brightness of your cook room backsplash. Anyone can do this by simply painting over the cook room tile and drywall. This can be a fun thing to do during your spare time. Let’s get your cook room back to beautiful with your own creative painting.

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