Shiplap Bathroom

Your dream of using plywood to create a shiplap bathroom is not impossible. With the right approach, this woodworking project will leave a lot of character to the room.

It is no secret that shiplap offers you the casual, farmhouse vibe that many homeowners love. Despite its enchanting look, this plan can be done relatively easily without too much money.

However, different from other rooms, shiplap bathroom walls may require more attention when being installed. The following information will help you to get started.

Is It Safe to Have a Shiplap Bathroom?

Is It Safe to Have a Shiplap Bathroom
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First, you will want to know if installing a plywood is safe in a bathroom considering the high levels of moisture and humidity.

Many DIY enthusiasts tend to worry about the possibility of mildew development, decorticate paint surface, and decay when installing a plywood wall.

The good news is that you can have a shiplap wall or ceiling in your bathroom. Indeed, it should not be installed right around the shower area.

To make sure its durability, you can apply a coat of mildew-resistant paint on the plywood walls and ceilings.

Applying a clear coat sealer to the boards is also a good choice to give them an extra layer of moisture protection.

If you are using pre-painted boards or faux shiplap bathroom walls, the same is probably not critical. However, you should consider applying a wood sealant to make sure moisture resistance.

Ideas to Install Shiplap in Your Bathroom

Ideas to Install Shiplap in Your Bathroom

Waterproof shiplap for bathroom can indeed make your space look more fantastic. You apply it on the ceiling, accent wall, or sink backsplash for the best results.

Aside from being a budget-friendly remodeling project, it also offers a huge amount of color, dimension, and texture for a minimum amount of time as well as money.

For this reason, a shiplap bathroom might be your best solution for a home upgrade project.

Refer to the following ideas on how to use wood in your bathroom with varying textures and styles.

Half Wall In Bathroom

Half Wall In Shiplap Bathroom

One of the best ways to install shiplap is on the half wall in bathroom or as a wainscoting application. Follow this trend by combining your design with wallpaper for a more stylish outcome.

Your shiplap walls will help to balance the color as well as the pattern of the wallpaper with its soft surface and clean lines.

Keep the color of the wood walls neutral to achieve this idea. Then, get the look for a timeless farmhouse style bathroom in your home.

Traditional Flair

Traditional Flair Shiplap Bathroom

Instead of wallpaper, you can simply paint half of your bathroom walls in a beautiful color like this for a classic style.

The white shiplap bathroom allows you to incorporate a dark blue color for the half walls. Meanwhile, the floor offers adequate pattern for the entire space.

A pair of sconces adorn a frameless oval-shaped mirror, offering extra illumination while keeping the small space seems airier.

Light Gray Shiplap

Light Gray Shiplap Bathroom

With grey shiplap walls and wooden vanity, this bathroom sprays out the rustic flair in the right dose. Then, the terracotta flooring also complements the idea very well.

While the wood walls are installed as a wainscoting application, another half of the surfaces are painted in broken white for a neutral balance.

You can place some indoor plants on the bathroom’s vanity or a floating shelf for additional color and texture.

Black Shiplap and Crown Molding

Black Shiplap Bathroom and Crown Molding

If you dare to be bold and different, do not hesitate to create a black shiplap bathroom as shown in this picture.

Painting the whole wood boards in black leaves you with an option to introduce brighter accents and trims through wall-arts as well as furniture.

Black Accent Wall

Black Accent Wall Shiplap Bathroom

Are you not confident with all-black shiplap walls? Then, apply the wood paneling project to be an accent must be perfect.

Simply install your wood over drywall for a remodeling project. Then, take black paint to coat the accent wall.

Keep the other elements neutral and include some bright yellow decors to liven up the bathroom.

Warm Tones

Warm Tones Shiplap Bathroom

This shiplap accent wall bathroom is ideal for you who do not want to be too daring. Despite its simplicity, the overall style achieved is just amazing.

The light-colored wooden floor enlivens this powder bathroom perfectly. Not to mention the dark vanity and framed mirror that complements the room very well.

Dark Brown Shiplap Bathroom

Dark Brown Shiplap Bathroom

Everything about this small bathroom shiplap is fascinating. Painted in dark brown, the walls do not look dull at all thanks to the perfect application of other elements.

Keeping the scheme balanced is the clear white accent walls and vanity. The mirror has a charming golden frame for a pop of color.

Vanity Areas

Vanity Areas Shiplap Bathroom

This shiplap vanity idea is perfect for a small yet impactful remodeling. Its dark grey color offers a nice contrast against the neutral scheme.

Brass finished sconces and faucets complete the neutral scheme. The wooden frames of the dual mirrors are kept unfinished for a more natural look.

Shiplap Bathroom Ceiling and Wall

Shiplap Bathroom Ceiling and Wall

Shiplap bathroom wall and ceiling will bring your project to the next level. Even though it may take more time and effort, the result will not make you disappointed.

When it comes to a shiplap ceiling bathroom, many people consider this project a bit more difficult than wall paneling.

However, it should not be a problem to bring the shiplap in bathroom moisture.

Charming Wood Walls in Bathroom

Charming Shiplap Wood Walls in Bathroom

None can deny the beauty as well as the style offered by this shiplap bathroom. With wood walls and a shiplap ceiling, the room gives out such charming charisma.

If you are not brave enough to run these boards over the ceiling and walls, incorporating a hanging wood will be a great solution.

Shiplap Tub Surround

Shiplap Bathroom Tub Surround

Adding a shiplap tub surround in your bath is a great way to update this space without too much work. However, the result can be enjoyed for a quiet of a long time.

It makes a perfect choice for those who want to take an exceptional approach to apply wood in their bathroom as well.

Overall, designing a shiplap bathroom allows you to have fun with various colors and textures. Therefore, do not hesitate to try out some of the above ideas!

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