Shadow Box Ideas

Adding decorative items is certainly a simple way to enhance the look in any rooms in your house. The decorative items are more valuable when they have special functions. They must not expensive. Shadow box wall hanging is a great example.  They are valuable decors as they add to the styles in the room while providing the owners with special values. They may remind you of important moments with your loved one, family members that had been passed away, special moments with your kids, and many more. There are so many shadow box ideas to decorate your house. You can also send them to important people as gifts.

Shadow Box Ideas

Actually, there is no rule or limits of things to put in a shadow frame. The choice is based upon the purpose. If you want to use it as home decors, then you can decide the theme on your own. For instance, you can find art shadow box ideas to display small art works that represent your hobbies, family shadow frame to highlight your love for your family, memory shadow boxes to display valuable collections of important individuals in your family, such as your father (in case that he had passed away), or many others.

Cool Shadow Box Ideas and Their Meaning for You

The following are cool shadow box ideas, which you can choose based on your objective and preferences.

Wedding Shadow Boxes

Wedding Shadow Boxes Ideas
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This is one of the most common uses of shadow boxes. If you are about to tie the knot with your girlfriend, giving he a wedding shadow boxes is a cool way to touch her heart even deeper. There are so many wedding shadow boxes ideas to choose. You can put important objects that remind your spouse of important moments between both of you. For example, as seen in the image below, the wedding shadow frame may contain important information on your wedding, such as the initials of your name, wedding date, replica of the wedding dress, and pictures that represent the milestone in your love story.

Art Shadow Boxes

Art Shadow Boxes Ideas

Do you love certain artworks? Why don’t you display them as home decors? You can create the miniature of your artworks and display them inside the shadow boxes. If you love knitting, for instance, you can display small knitted items that represent the best works of yours. The sample art shadow box below displays many kinds of sewing-theme stuffs, from a replica of sewing machine to replica of beautiful wedding gown.

If you have a different hobby, such as collecting unique scent bottles, antique teapots, and many others, you can display them with price in a shadow box as a beautiful home decor. In short, you can find unique shadow frame ideas based on the things you love. Examples include nautical art, automotive, classic bike, historical stuffs, kitchen shadow boxes, and any themes that you consider important.

Family Shadow Boxes Ideas

Family Shadow Boxes Ideas

They are creative and memorable gifts for your loved one. Family shadow box ideas vary widely, depending upon the moments you want to highlight in your family. Instances include photos of your wedding day, the birth of your first child, second child, and so on, the first day you kid went to school, the graduation day, and many more.

As in the picture above, family tree is one of creative diy shadow box ideas. Besides adding to the beauty of your living room interior, a family tree contains valuable information on your family. Later in their life, your kids still know their family line, as you put the information inside the shadow frame.

Anniversary shadow box can be a part of family-theme home decors. What are important moments in your life? Your wedding day? The day you bought a new house? Anything monumental in your life can be one of anniversary shadow box ideas.

Memory Shadow Boxes

Memory Shadow Boxes Ideas

Actually, this still belongs to the family shadow box. Memory shadow boxes are great idea to tribute your loved ones. They can be your father, siblings, grandparents, and any others. Anything that reminds you of them can be put into the memories shadow box. As shown in the sample picture below, in case that your late father was a soldier who devoted his life for the country, why don’t you put his valuable stuff into a memory shadow box.

As mentioned above, there is no limit of the things to put in a shadow box, as long as they are meaningful for you. They remind you of valuable individuals in your life, memorable moments, and valuable items that are important for your life. You can use them as one of diy shadow box ideas, ones that are specially crafted for you.

Besides using them as stylish home decors, shadow boxes are creative gift ideas. Shadow box gift ideas vary widely, depending upon the purpose. Is a close friend of yours going to have a wedding, anniversary, or graduation-day ceremony? Is you friend getting her first child?  These are great sources of cute shadow box ideas.

Shadow Box Ideas: Premade vs DIY

Shadow Box Ideas Premade vs DIY

The next question to answer when you choose a shadow box is whether to choose DIY or premade shadow boxes. DIY shadow boxes are specially created based your request. The design, the sizes, and the things to put in a shadow box are fully customized. However, DIY shadow boxes may be more expensive and it takes longer to craft one.

Alternatively, you may choose premade shadow boxes. They are widely available in online or offline stores. You can find small shadow box ideas that work for the event you want to attend. They are less expensive and it takes you less time to find one. You can still personalize the contents by choosing one, which allows you to put a photograph or personal things inside. You just need to remove the sample photograph and replace it with yours.

Above is a simple example of premade shadow frame. You can give to a friend who loves volleyball very much. To give some personalized touches, just insert a photograph that highlight his/her best moments in volleyball matches. It will be very cute gift for your friend, right?

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