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It is really convenient to have a pool at the backyard of your house, whether it is your family house, a guest house, or a vacation house. If you are planning to build a backyard pool, this is the time to think about pool cabana ideas. Having a pool house cabana provides you with so many benefits. It may serve as an additional storage space. When the pool is not being used, the bungalow is a great place to store various things, from toys to chemicals.

In case that you want to sell your home one time in the future, the swimming pool cabana ideas certainly increase the property’s value. Having a backyard pool bungalow is a dream for most families. If your house has one, the sale value tends to increase. Another benefit includes more fun space. Yes, as seen in the following sample of wood bungalow designs, a poolside cabana provides your families with additional room to have fun. Imagine that you and your kids enjoy a cup of hot tea and cookies while waiting for the pool. You can also entertain your guests or have a small barbeque party with your friends at the poolside cabana.

Great Pool Cabana Ideas for Your House

Great Pool Cabana Ideas for Your House
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The benefits of pool house cabana for your property is not questionable. The next question is how to choose from pool cabana ideas, which work for your property. The answer depends upon your personal preference or on the home design. The following are some great ideas of poolside bungalow plans to consider.

Outdoor Cabana Ideas

Outdoor Pool Cabana Ideas
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An outdoor pool cabana ideas offers you with breathtaking atmosphere while having relaxing time. The following picture is one of great outdoor cabana ideas to consider. The bungalow is situated above the pool surface. Made with high quality wood material, the bungalow blends perfectly with the surrounding nature, just providing you with unlimited exposure to fresh air.

Modern Pool Cabana

Modern Pool Cabana Ideas

If you house has a modern style, a modern-style pool cabana ideas will work great for the overall theme of the house. A modern pool cabana is characterized with sleek and simple design. Simple geometric pattern dominates the design, not only on the main building of the bungalow, but also on the interior design ideas, such as the sofas and the minibar.

The picture above represents modern bungalow ideas for backyard. It seems as if the pool bungalow was floating above the pool water. The design is sleek and simple, just accentuating the modern style.

Above Ground Pool Shed With Bar

Above Ground Pool Shed With Bar Cabana Ideas

Can you imagine having an above-ground pool? It is actually a creative idea, as you it is easy for you put the pool anywhere possible. To some extent, the construction process is simpler. You may even build the pool at the second storey of your house. Or, do you want to have a rooftop pool? Why not.  The following picture represents an above ground pool shed with bar, which allows you to do many fun activities with your family, friends, or relative here. This is an exciting place to enjoy a great sunset view or enjoy your evening tea.

Backyard Cabanas Gazebos

Backyard Pool Cabanas Ideas Gazebos

When designed correctly, backyard of your house must be a pleasant place for all of the family members. Your kids can have a nice playing area here. The following picture provides you with one of backyard cabana gazebos to add values and functionalities of the backyard. The following bungalow gazebo embraces medieval to classic style. The great thing is that it blends perfectly with the nature, thanks to the use stone and brick.

Wood Cabana Designs

Wood Pool Cabana Designs
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The wood pool house cabanas come in various designs. They look like a tiny log house on the side of the pool. Some homeowners intentionally choose wood cabana to provide a strikingly different look. As seen in the following example of cedar bungalow, if your house is dominated by the modern design, you can moderate the look by having a wood poolside bungalow. A number of wood species are used for bungalow. Besides cedar wood, pine wood, and redwood are other options.

Portable Poolside Cabana

Portable Poolside Cabana Ideas

This is widely used as commercial poolside cabana plans, such as those found in villa or hotel bungalow. However, you may have it at your house too. Look at the picture below, the pool cabana ideas look very simple but stylish. There are many reasons to choose this type of bungalow. You can move it anytime and anywhere, as your wish it. The portable poolside cabana allows you to change the overall look of the backyard pool as frequently as you wish it. In addition, some families choose the portable bungalow as they are much less expensive compared to the permanent ones.

Pop Up Pool Cabana

Pop Up Pool Cabana Ideas

This another option of pool cabana ideas. A pop up cabana commonly has an open design, just like the outdoor cabanas. Instead, a pop up pool cabana is usually characterized with curtains, which are open or closed, based upon your need. Moreover, the curtains provide the poolside bungalow with an aesthetic touch. The pop up pool cabana below offers a very natural look, thanks to the combination of sun shade curtains, hammock, and thatched roof.

DIY Pool Cabanas

Do you have a DIY design idea for the pool house cabana? You can design the pool cabana ideas based on your own style and preferences and then have the developer team finish the work. Some homeowners choose DIY pool cabanas to make sure that the design really goes in line with the overall theme of the house. A pool bungalow with unique design might be a great option too.

However, designing the DIY pool bungalow must be done with care, especially if you plan to put your house on sale in the future. Unusual design is certainly great for you, but not for the candidate of buyer. If you plan to sale your property in the future, having one of common pool cabana ideas, such as modern or outdoor style, may be a better option.

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