Orange Kitchen

Do you love orange? The color is said to be the symbol of creativity, happiness, warmth, health, and many other positive meanings. Applying this colour to some parts of your home design is a wonderful idea, as it is great to uplift your spirits anytime you enter the room. Why don’t you begin from the kitchen, a room where you begin your day. Having an orange kitchen does not mean that you apply the colour to all elements in the kitchen, from the flooring, wall, cabinets, to the ceiling. Instead, you can apply the color to certain elements to moderate the look.

Orange Kitchen Ideas: How to Apply Orange in Your Kitchen

Bright colors, like orange, are usually associated with bright sunny days in summer. Why don’t your bring the warmth and charm of summer into your house and enjoy them every day? Some homeowners really adore the freshness of citrus fruits. Therefore, they embrace the theme into orange and green kitchens. The following are some ideas to apply them in your area:

Orange Kitchen Cabinets

orange Kitchen Cabinets

Get a super chic atmosphere in your kitchen by applying the orange fruit-inspired color. Using orange kitchen cabinets is one of the simplest ways to add flair into the entire design of your kitchen. As seen in the following picture, this cabinet really makes a bright color statement in the kitchen.

Combined with wooden flooring, the orange cabinets bring a fresh natural look into the kitchen. More interestingly, the homeowner chooses to benefit from the nature for lighting and air. Wide and tall windows provide outdoor look that further makes the atmosphere in the orange and grey breathtaking.

Orange cabinets create warm and friendly energy brings positive spirits as you begin the day. If you are not afraid of having bold colors in your area, combining soft creamy orange cabinet with bold-colored kitchen rugs is a creative idea. As seen the following picture, the owner chooses wooden flooring and wooden dining set, and light orange kitchen made of wood. Again, natural air and light sources keeps spacious look in the kitchen.

orange cabinets natural

A contrast but beautiful look is really evident from the example of Japanese kitchen below. Most of Japanese designs are complemented with black or dark brown, as these two colors commonly dominates Japanese homes. The orange wood cabinets and dining set creates a bright contrast with the black-painted wall. Then, Japanese accent brings some ethnic touches to the kitchen.

orange kitchen contrast

Orange Kitchen Wall

Orange kitchen Wall

If you plan a kitchen remodeling project for the next weekend, painting the wall in this colour is a great idea to add the charms in your area. Painting one side of the wall is enough to bring the desired look. As in the image below, it will pair perfectly with soft grey kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and lighting. This is one of orange kitchen walls ideas if you have limited space. Paired with simple dining set and sleek kitchen cabinet, the kitchen really looks roomy.

orange kitchen Natural light and fresh

Are you looking for a bolder look? Why don’t you combined this colour with other colors in the kitchen design? A number of colors are known to work well with this colour. They include turquoise, bronze, gold, or blue as seen in the picture below. Some colors are combined in the kitchen. The blue-painted wall goes well with orange and grey cabinets. Meanwhile, wooden coffee set creates a perfect match with the brown flooring. Natural light and fresh air provide a healthy look in the orange and blue.

Orange Kitchen Backsplash

Orange Kitchen Backsplash

Alternatively, if you want to have a minor project to change the look in the kitchen, then paint the backsplash in orange is enough to bring the charm look. Applying orange backsplash kitchen is a simple project to bring the citrus theme inside while maintaining the entire theme of the kitchen. As in the example below, the owner chooses to apply this colour for the backsplash in the white and blue kitchen, and then complement the look with a pair of orange chair.

Replacing kitchen backsplash to change the overall mood in your kitchen may work, which is dominated by other tones, like brown and black. It breaks the dark atmosphere and makes the room feel airy and fresh.

Colored Appliances

Colored Appliances

Besides painting kitchen cabinet, applying orange color is made simpler by choosing orange kitchen accessories. A number of accessories may help in cheering up the look in your area. They range from a set of orange tea set, wood cabinets, teapot, clock, blender, mixer, cooking appliances, and many more.

Look at the following picture of its design. Main elements are actually white, from the kitchen cabinet, wall, and fixtures. However, the owner creatively completes the look by using dominantly orange appliances. The result becomes an orange and white design. Are you still looking for a bolder look? Re-painting some of the cabinet doors may be the answer.



Moreover, orange color in your kitchen can be made bolder by using appropriate lighting. When paired with dark colors like black or brown, this color must be well positioned to make sure that the kitchen does not feel dark or even cramped. Look at the example of orange and brown below. It certainly feels dark unless appropriate lighting is used. The owner creatively highlights the colour area to make it feel lighter and alive.

Of course, the same rule applies for kitchen with the same themes, like orange and black kitchens. In conclusion, you need to be creative in mixing and matching oranges with other elements. Those who play with orange do not avoid bold colors; so, you are free to play with colors, right?

However, make sure to have some moderation in mixing the elements. For instance, if you prefer orange and yellow kitchen for your house, applying wooden tone for the flooring or dining set will be a great option. Wooden tone moderates the domination of thus colour and yellow. The right color combination certainly brings positive energy, which is important to do the rest of your activities during the day.

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