modern farmhouse exterior

Not only for the aesthetic reason, but the house exterior also involves functional roles like house security. Nowadays, the modern farmhouse exterior design is one of the most popular ideas to apply. The mix of modern and farmhouse idea offers simplicity and the sophisticated beauty of farmhouse design. Now, let’s find out more about the kinds of amazing modern farmhouse exterior designs below.

Warm And Elegant Rustic Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

rustic Modern farmhouse exterior

You may consider applying the rustic farmhouse exterior ideas for those who prefer to have a classic and elegant house. Add more wooden elements, such as barn door combined with supporting farmhouse decors for warm and inviting accents. This style may seem traditional, but by choosing each exterior item properly, then you’ll have a more elegant and stylish house.

Stylish Mexican Farmhouse Exterior Ideas You Should Know

Mexican farmhouse exterior

Mexican farmhouse exterior ideas tend to use more stone elements combined with several wood accents. To provide a modern look, consider choosing neutral modern colors such as a dark stone color scheme or white color since neutral color ideas will never disappoint.

Why You Must Apply These Inspiring White Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs

white Modern farmhouse exterior

By choosing white as the primary color, your house will look cleaner and more classic, making it stand-out among other homes. Besides, white is a neutral color that goes well with any colors. Thus, no need to worry about failed design if you want to collaborate with other colors.

The Must-Have Contemporary Farmhouse Exterior Décor Item List

contemporary farmhouse exterior

The contemporary design prioritizes more on sleek appearances and functionality. One of the must-have items is the elegant front door for a nice contemporary look. Besides, to add a more classic farmhouse design, ensure to choose the front door with glass windows. Then, you may décor the front door with some plants or monochromic lamps.

Add Some Country House Exteriors Below To Create Inviting Decors

country house exteriors

Another modern farmhouse exterior design that looks impressive is the country house exteriors. It combines both contemporary and classic vibes so it could turn your house into not only stylish but also classic and elegant. Moreover, the porch theme is open for design types, either simple style for affordable budget or the spacious porch that uses durable materials, such as brick or woods.

How To Make Neutral And Calm Home Decors With Grey Farmhouse Exterior

grey farmhouse exterior

The grey farmhouse exterior usually gets along with wooden or stone accents. To provide modern vibes into your house, consider adding with simple additional decors. If you feel that the grey color scheme will seem dull and unattractive, try to combine with other colors, like blue, black, or white.

The Best Industrial Style Home Exterior Ideas You Should Know

industrial style home exterior

Instead of scary and intimidating, your spacious industrial style house will look more stylish if added with some large glass windows. Besides, quickly turn the stone accents mostly used to give more refreshing tones by growing out some green plants around the front yard.

What To Add For The Unique Stucco Farmhouse Decors

stucco farmhouse

Stucco farmhouse is known for its siding style that suits best to create such classic and modern farmhouse exterior designs. What makes stucco become commonly used is its durability, which can reach 50 years with easy and low maintenance. If you want a simple yet modern style that still leaves some countryside accents, this is one of the best types you should consider.

Why You Should Consider The Toll Brothers Modern Farmhouse Exteriors

toll brothers Modern farmhouse

Toll brothers farmhouse exteriors consist of pretty intricate designs such as the modern, country as well contemporary. All mix together, creating such an interesting combination that makes your house stands among others. If you need a luxury and satisfying house design, toll brother farmhouse exteriors may help you make your wish granted.

The Advantages Of Having White Brick Farmhouse Decors

white brick farmhouse

Brick is considered as one of the best materials to use for modern farmhouse exterior ideas. By choosing white brick accents, you’ll get a house with easier and low maintenance. Besides, it is also fire and weather resistance, and it helps to save the earth as it is made of eco-friendly materials.

Peaceful Cottage Style Exteriors Item Lists

cottage style exteriors

Cottage style exterior is mostly identified with two benches or a pair of vintage chairs on the front side of your house. Covered in wooden materials or accents, this cottage design house is a very peaceful and stylish house to have.

Check Out Some Inspiring Siding With Stone Accents Decors

siding with stone accents

Not only durable and easy to apply, but the siding with stone accent decors will also provide you with satisfying results. As long as you use the proper neutral colors, the stone accents will take you into an impressive-looking house.

How To Choose The Best Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas?

farmhouse exterior design ideas

Based on the kinds of design mentioned above, you may adjust it with the type of your house or your preferred house design to choose the best one. Then, calculate any required installation and maintenance to meet your budget and start choosing the design ideas, such as theme styles, colors, and materials.

Try This Gorgeous Black Farmhouse Décor Ideas

black farmhouse

Black modern farmhouse exterior décor is a pretty unique and challenging style to design. Add up some fancy lamps on each side of the full-black farmhouse idea or combine with a suitable color scheme, such as soft green or blue, to lessen the dull vibe into the black farmhouse exteriors.

Get A Distinctive And Artsy Vibe With The Traditional Farmhouse Exterior

traditional farmhouse exterior

The traditional exterior doesn’t mean that it uses out-dated items and materials until it looks less inviting and dull. If you have a pretty spacious house and it consists of two floors, the traditional look with porch design at the front, combined with some industrial decors, emits modern and artistic vibes at the same time.

So, based on some designs above, which one steals your interest? If you are interested in any modern farmhouse exterior design ideas, consult soon with the designer to help you construct the house exterior as quickly as possible.

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