Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets certainly plays an important role in determining how the kitchen looks like. Whether you want it to have a retro or modern style, a single cabinet can do the job. In addition, the way you choose the kitchen cabinets also influence how the entire kitchen feels. It feels spacious when you choose the right cabinets. Otherwise, even a spacious kitchen may feel cramped unless you design it properly. Metal kitchen cabinets are among versatile options of kitchen furniture to change the atmosphere and the look in the kitchen instantly.

There are several reasons for the modern homeowner to choose stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Besides versatility and practicality, cabinets made of metal or stainless steel are resistant to bacterial and fungal contamination. Stainless steel is also resistant to moisture, thanks to the low carbon steel, resistant to chemical substances, resistant to heat, and more durable and sustainable.

Designing with Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing Metal Kitchen Cabinets for Different Kitchen Styles

However, kitchen cabinets made of stainless steel are often associated with retro or vintage style. It is okay to have retro style in your room, right? As modern home design dominates, people look for trim panels and simple geometric design for the furniture items. In this case, simple steel kitchen cabinets are still relevant for those who want to save the space. The following are some ideas of design by using stainless steel or metal cabinets:

Contemporary Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary metal kitchen cabinets

Sleek and minimalistic style is the key characteristic of contemporary kitchen. Choose white metal cabinets if it  has limited space. A stand-alone cabinet, as shown below, looks very sleek and versatile. It is ideal for a small or galley-style. It is easy to move whenever you want to change the layout of kitchen furniture for a fresh look.  Access to outside view further highlights the airy feel inside it.

For a small kitchen, make sure to avoid an open cabinet, as it requires you to display the kitchen appliances and decors. The same case applies for a small galley-style. Many displays or hanging decors limit your moving room. Just keep it organized by choosing closed-style cabinet.

Modern Metal Kitchen Cabinets Style

Modern metal kitchen cabinets Style

In the past, use of metal cabinets for the kitchen was limited to industrial purposes, as they were more expensive. However, more and more homeowners now choose metal kitchen cabinets, thanks to the advantages they offer. Now, finding modern metal cabinets for residential purposes is hassle free as many manufacturers offer them in various designs and sizes.

Above is an example of industrial cabinets for family size. The metal cabinets blend perfectly in a modern-style kitchen, where every element is kept minimalist and clean. Some kitchen decors like lighting fixtures and serving appliances complete the look. The most popular cabinet colors for an industrial or modern kitchen style is grey, whether it is light or darker grey.

Vintage Style

Vintage Style

The stainless steel or metal itself has represented the vintage style. However, if you want to highlight it even more, then choosing colored cabinets like red metal cabinets, as shown in the image below, is a great idea. It works instantly to provide you with the old-looking style.

However, make sure to position the cabinets properly. Dark colored cabinets like red, green, or black metal cabinets need to be complemented with the right lighting. Having access to basic light is an advantage. Nonetheless, if the it is not exposed to natural light, make sure to choose the right lighting fixtures to avoid the feeling of being cramped. This is particularly true when the it is not spacious enough.

Rustic Metal Kitchen Cabinets Style

Rustic metal kitchen cabinets Style

Are you designing are farmhouse kitchen? Nothing beats the rustic style for a farmhouse. Look for retro metal cabinets with wood top. It will be greater if you have one made of reclaimed wood, as seen in the following example. At a glance, nobody would recognize that it is a wood-top metal cabinet.

The homeowner smartly chooses old looking cabinets and a wood-top island, characterized with the soft grey palette. A countertop wood shelf, where a number of clay pots in different sizes are displayed, really defines the retro style. The earth tone, wooden materials and natural lights blends perfectly in the kitchen.

Kitchen Style of the 1950s

Kitchen Style of the 1950s

It is true that metal kitchen cabinets were popular in the 1950s. Do you want to embrace it in your house? Just like the vintage style above, opt for colored cabinets. Instead of choosing a dark colored cabinet, just go bolder with unique colors like the 1950s metal cabinets, just like the example below.

A standalone metal cabinet set looks perfect to represent the resurgence of mid-century design in your house. Powder coated metal kitchen cabinets come in various color palettes, like light green, lime green, turquoise blue, cream, light blue, soft pink, and many more.

DIY Project of Metal Kitchen Cabinets

You may wonder whether it is possible to have a DIY project for a metal kitchen cabinet. Of course it is. A number of homemade metal kitchen cabinet ideas are available as a sources of inspiration. In case that it has a specific layout, designing a DIY kitchen cabinet is a solution. If you do not have expertise in finishing the project, just have it done by an experienced kitchen cabinet maker.

It is true that metal cabinets are mostly more expensive than wood cabinets. However, whether you prefer modern, contemporary, classical, or vintage steel cabinets, they are really worthy the price. The kitchen cabinets made of metal or stainless steel allow you to keep it clean and sleek all the time.

Of course, stainless steel and wood cabinets have their own advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel cabinets needs simpler but more frequent cleaning, but they are more durable, solid, sanitary, and sleek looking. Meanwhile, wood cabinets are less expensive but also less durable. Therefore, the choice is yours, depending upon your personal preferences.

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