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Living big in the small, compact space is becoming a global trend in so many countries right now, particularly among the youngster or people who living alone. Recently, living cube is such a brilliant idea to turn a limited place into practical place to living, you would be surprised with the usability of the living cube. It was designed by German designer Till Koenneker, the purpose of this living cube according to him is to focus more on practicality and functionality without any unnecessary elements. The living cubes provide living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom just like the other living space.

This is the best solution for you who are seeking for a simple but useful living, and of course, the living costs and the maintenance costs are way more cheaper. These kind of tiny living spaces actually is not very hard to maintain, it wouldn’t bother your busy life. Despite the limited space, everything that you need is still fit in this cube and visually pleasing too. You can design your own living cube or your tiny space the way you want in an easy way, by yourself.

Adding A Bed In The Extraordinary Way

Adding A Bed In The Extraordinary Way

 In this limited space, it’s possible to still feel comfortable and chilling out with more unique way. Usually, simply put a single mattress in the top of your living cube is already done, but if you want your bed to be more extravagant, you probably want to add a single spring bed with a plug in concept. Just pull the bed out when you want to sleep and after you had a nice dream, just simply push the bed in.

The Furnitures for Your Living Cubes

The Furnitures for Your Living Cubes

If you’re wondering how many furnitures could fit in such a tiny space, then don’t be worry because it’s actually a lot. More than you’ve ever imagined. You are permitted to bring every necessary thing that you need and it stills can save space in style. First, you need to determine what kind of rooms that you need, then choose the furnitures according to each room. For example if you want to build your working space in the living cube, simply bring your small low desk, or a simple desk along with the minimalized chair. A standing lamp and some decorations like small plants or painting won’t be hurt too. Put your favorite books into the shelf or don’t even hesitate to bring your TV and watch your favorite TV shows all night long.

Micro Living Cube Space

Micro Living Space

Living tiny has become the new living large. Micro living space has been proven for its efficiency and functional. If you already gain the know-how to effectively place your furnitures, these micro living space will reveal how to live large in small spaces for your everyday life. Besides for its efficiency, the benefit of living in small space is it’s way more affordable, such an advanced idea to reduce your living costs in the good way. Try  to pick a simple furniture such as a dining table pops out from the wall or a double-function furniture such as bed doubles as sofa. It’s not an obligation but if you want, you can add some tiny plants or frames as a decoration or some adorable stickers stick on your wall to emphasize the beauty of your micro living space.

Storage Living Cube Bed

Storage Cube Bed

Did you ever imagine about the combination of bed and storage? One of another genius invention in this era must be storage bed. This is the best solution if you have a limited space of bedroom but there’s too many stuffs to keep. You are able to sleep comfortably on your bed while your stuffs are safe in the button of the bed. The size of the bed, the amount of the shelves are vary so you’d ought to pick what is the best for you. It’s possible to put anything and various items in your storage bed, named it blankets, bed sheets, bed covers, folded clothes, accessories, books, and so much more!

Actually you can even Do-It-Yourself to convert your regular bed into a storage bed, you may rely on the internet for the tips and tricks. If you’re too lazy to do DIY, there’s so many shops available which provides the storage cube beds.

Compact Living Space

Compact Living Space

These days, having a big home would be a privilege due to expensive living costs. Hence these stylish economic living space is such an affordable alternative. If the rent and mortgage expenses seem too much for you, then why don’t go for a sleek, compact abode instead? When all you need is a sleek space to eat, sleep and relax in, you definitely should check the compact abodes. People living in a compact habitation is slowly become a trend, not only for those who are seeking for an affordable abodes, but they are actually very attractive. They even come with so many design, fresh and unique ideas, some of those are visually eye catching and adorable.

The inside features are basically the same like any other regular house. A living room, kitchen, bathroom, and an upstairs bedroom. If you’re lucky enough, some compact abode might be come up with the yard too.

All in One Storage Living Cube

All in One Storage

The combination of television and clothes in one storage may sounds bizarre, but it actually works when you live in the small, tiny living cube. To maximize our living space, we have to work our brain out and letting out our creativities so everything can fit in. There is so many ways to save the space, among all, one of them is to keep the television along with your clothes as well. In this big storage you are enable to put your television, maybe some books, hanging your shirts or jacket and hats, shoes, and any other stuffs that you have. If it’s not surprising enough, you can sleep or chilling out in the top of the storage, and there’s a hidden room as well in the side of the storage, all in one!

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