Laundry Room Colors

Many homeowners overlook the importance of laundry room design. In fact, it is not simply a place, where you wash and dry your clothes. Laundry room is instead a great place to store many things, from cleaning supplies, laundry care products, and household back stocks.  However, as laundry room usually has limited space, you need to be very careful in selecting the laundry room colors to make sure that the small room does feel cramped.

Do you feel that the existing laundry room too small? Are you sure that you have designed it appropriately? Repainting the laundry room is a great weekend project, as it does not involve much work. The following are some great choices of wall color for laundry room. Whether you are looking for a spacious feeling or a fun laundry room, there are so many ideas to choose.

Ideas of Laundry Room Colors for Small Room

Light Hues

light hues

Light color is certainly the ‘safest’ choice to make a small room feel spacious. White and light grey are the most popular color options. White laundry room is ideal for minimalist house, in which there may be very limited space for you to wash, dry, and iron the clothes. White brings in airy feeling into a small room. As seen in the following image, the owner chooses dominantly white tone and finishes the look with black and white rugs.

After white, the next color recommended for a minimalist laundry room is light grey. The hue pairs perfectly with white appliances. Gray laundry room is recommended if you want to highlight modern but spacious feeling inside. For a nice finish, put a vas of beautiful flowers at the shelf.

Bold Contrast Laundry Room Colors

Bold Contrast Laundry room colors

Do you feel that grey and white laundry room is too plain? Do you want to play with colors to make the cloth washing and drying more enjoyable? It is okay to choose bolder colors like blue, yellow, green, or even red. Look at the picture below. The homeowner plays boldly with contrasts. Dark green wall is combined with white shelf and appliances.

The bold color contrasts in the green laundry room avoid the feeling of being cramped. A number of versatile colors are great when mixed and matched properly. They include green, yellow, orange, and dark gray.

The following is another example of laundry room that represents bold color combination. The red laundry room looks exciting and energizing, thanks to the power brought about by the yellow paint for the doors and cabinet.

bold color combination

However, please note that bold contrasts for the small laundry room colors need to be combined with the right lighting option. It is great if the laundry room benefits from natural light and air. Nonetheless, when the room lacks natural air and lighting, you are recommended to choose light reflectance value (VLR) fixtures.

Beach Theme Laundry Room Colors

Beach Theme Laundry room colors

Selecting a certain theme for the laundry room is a nice idea, as you can easily determine the laundry room colors. Beach is a popular theme for a laundry room. It is not surprising, as you deal with water in the laundry room. The following image is a beautiful example of beach-themed blue laundry room. Artful wallpaper in bubble theme completes the look.

There are only two dominant colors in the laundry room, namely dark blue and white. The two colors blend perfectly, thanks to the bubble-themed wallpaper. Another idea for beach-theme laundry room is light blue laundry room. Light blue well represents the blue sea. Put some sand-tone shelves and white fixtures to bring the breeze of beach into your house.

Citrus Theme

Citrus Theme

Citrus represents freshness, energy, and happiness. Bring them into your laundry room by embracing citrus-theme colors, like green, orange, and yellow. Of course, color combination is the key to beautiful but spacious laundry room in this theme. Putting on citrus-themed wallpaper is the easiest way to get the desired look. Look at the following example of yellow laundry room. The homeowner instantly changes the look in the room by using yellow wallpaper.

Alternative options are lime green or orange. These two colors are still easy to combine with softer hues like light grey. If the laundry room has enough exposure to natural light and air, painting the wall with dark grey still provides you with pleasant atmosphere. Are you still looking for a bolder alternative?

Besides a lime green laundry room, you may apply citrus-themed wallpaper, as seen in the following image. Then, a pot of plant or flower highlights the natural feeling inside the room. This is a creative idea to bring instant freshness and natural look into the small laundry room.

Retro Theme

Retro theme

In case that your house has a retro style, designing a small laundry room to be a fun place does not hassle you. You can choose fun laundry room colors that still embrace retro or vintage style. Play with earth tone by choosing wooden wall or brick-themed wallpaper. The retro-style laundry room, as in the following sample image, is also a perfect place to display your vintage collections like globe in different sizes.

Modern Laundry Room Colors

Modern Laundry room colors

Nothing beats dark grey when it comes to choosing laundry room colors for modern and futuristic theme. Just like the home design, modern laundry room in modern theme features sleek and geometric patterns. As seen in the following example of dark gray laundry room, the homeowner keeps the room organized by avoiding putting many appliances. Otherwise, the room will feel cramped.

Those six ideas of laundry room colors are only few of the choices you have. Your choice may be based upon personal preferences or home design. A small room does not limit your creativity. Changing the look in the laundry room is an exciting weekend project. Whether you plan to re-paint the entire or one part of the wall or replacing the wallpaper, make sure to pay extra attention to the color mix and match as well as lighting options. These are the keys to creating spacious atmosphere in a small room.

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