L Shaped Kitchen Island

Incorporating an L shaped kitchen island will boost the flexibility of your room. Besides, it can make cooking simpler.

L-shaped islands are indeed favorable because they have a practical design and a pleasing layout.

Moreover, they are also capable to flow with the shape of your kitchen space or fill in the blank in this room with extra worktop as well as storage.

You can look at the following information along with some L shaped kitchen island ideas before executing your upcoming remodeling project.

Good Reasons to Add L-shaped Kitchen Island

Good Reasons to Add L-shaped Kitchen Island

Having an L-shaped island with sink can make maximum use of your cooking area. It provides you space for additional cabinets and appliances, as well as many countertops.

A narrow or open-floor kitchen layout, in particular, will benefit from this kind of island.

Besides, adding an L-shaped island to a kitchen may create a shared space for enjoying a meal together or having some conversation.

This way, your cooking area can be a multipurpose location as well as a social part of the family member in the house.

Furthermore, the flexibility of your modern L shaped kitchen can be increased as well when incorporating this island.

In general, your L-shaped kitchen island is capable to make cooking more efficient and simple.

The triangle between your sink, fridge, and stove is very effortless to form when using an L-shaped island design. That is why many cooking enthusiasts adore this style the most.

Tips for Designing with an L Shaped Kitchen Island

Tips for Designing with an L Shaped Kitchen Island

When designing a cooking area with an L-shaped island, make sure to take the triangle of your stove, sink, and fridge into account.

Remember to create a convenient distance between those three elements so that your cooking area can feel even more enjoyable to use.

Keep Clutter Away

Keep Clutter Away L Shaped Kitchen Island

Then, whether it is a 9×9 kitchen layout or larger, keeping the clutter at bay is important. Deal with untidiness issues by installing cabinets in your island.

Cabinets are good to conceal your clutter while keeping the cooking area neat and organized.

Furthermore, you should think about the finishes of your L shaped island as well to maximize its capabilities.

Ask yourself whether you like the L-shaped kitchen cabinets to have matte or glossy finishes. Do not forget the island countertops as well.

For a general guide, matte surfaces are very trendy nowadays while glossy surfaces tend to make a kitchen seem more spacious due to their reflective property.

Maximize the Use

Maximize the Use L Shaped Kitchen Island

Considering the high capabilities of L-shaped islands, do not hesitate to include your job in this space.

Situate your cooking activities into the center of the island by incorporating a sink on the countertop or using the available drawers to store your cooking utensils, pans, and pots.

Besides, when you want to execute particular cooking area configuration ideas, make sure that the layout considers any tricky corner.

It is no secret that awkward corners in a room are often unemployed. You can consider them when creating your L shaped kitchen island.

You use these unused corners to display accessories or to hold other decorative items that fit in the design.

In more little cooking area you mount some display shelves to keep several jars full of cooking books or kitchen essentials.

L-Shaped Kitchen Island Ideas to Try

L-Shaped Kitchen Island Ideas to Try

Whether you have a tiny L-shaped kitchen or one with other layouts, it is not impossible to include this type of island.

However, having an L shaped kitchen may come with extra advantages since this makes the best choice for the layout.

In some layouts, an L-shaped island may appear choppy and make the cooking space less efficient. In worse cases, it may result in harder access to cooking appliances as well as essentials.

Look at the below L shaped  island ideas for the best way to use this element in your cooking area.

L Shaped Island with Seating

L Shaped Island with Seating
Via www.tablelegs.com

One of the best things about an L-shaped island is that you can effortlessly include bar stools and other seating options in the design.

Just like the classic-looking kitchen island that doubles as dining area for the family. It has enough room for accommodating more than four people at once.

Breakfast Nook and Dining Area

Breakfast Nook and Dining Area L Shaped Kitchen Island
Via www.dutchcrafters.com

Complete your 12×12 kitchen layout with island that has built-in bench seating and dining area. This idea is perfect if you have a spacious room in the center of the cooking area.

Bring in a round dining table and some chairs to make this kitchen a favorite spot for the family to hangout.

Gorgeous L-Shaped Island

Gorgeous L-Shaped island Kitchen
Via Pinterest

While a small L-shaped kitchen often comes with a traditional rectangular island, you can bring the design to the next level by adding an exceptional twist.

This kitchen has an L shaped  island that offers an extra sink and a simple breakfast nook.

Long L-Shaped Kitchen

Long L-Shaped Kitchen

Your long L-shaped kitchen can benefit from an island that has a similar shape.

With matching wooden cabinetry and island, this kitchen looks so warm and inviting. Then, several black metal chairs tie the design together.

Elevated L-Shaped Island

Elevated L-Shaped Island

Instead of a usual rectangle countertop, this spacious cooking area comes with an L-shaped design.

To maximize the cooking area countertop dimension, the island is created to have an elevated design that offers a comfortable space for enjoying some meals with the family.

Modern L-Shaped Island

Modern L-Shaped Island Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen layout dimensions are just perfect to include a practical that doubles as additional working and dining space.

This modern L shaped island is a perfect example to make the most of the vacant room in your large cooking space.

White Cottage Kitchen

White Cottage L Shaped Kitchen Island

As a nice alternative to an oblong countertop, you can consider incorporating the above central point for a simple yet practical feature.

However, if you have 10×10 L-shaped kitchen designs, this kind of island is probably too small to fill the vacant space in the center of your cooking space.

In conclusion, if you are wondering how to design an L-shaped kitchen properly, bringing in an island in a similar figure can be the best bet.

You can steal the look of the above L shaped island ideas and make the most of your next redesigning project!

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