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Do you know that the right and proper kitchen ceiling ideas can help to improve the appearance and ambiance of the room? Kitchen is the heart of the house. It isn’t only the place to prepare the foods, but it also reconnects you with friends, relatives, and families over food. This is one of the reasons why the place needs to get the greatest details related to quality and aesthetic.

Among the ways to improve the look of the kitchen, you focus on different styles and models of the kitchen ceiling. The ceiling is no longer the unimportant part of the house, but it plays a crucial role in improving the appearance and atmosphere. There are so many different ideas to choose – you just need to match it up with the proper one.

Simple Kitchen Ceiling

Simple Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

Have you ever heard the saying ‘less is more?’ That’s also applicable to kitchen ceiling. One of the best kitchen ceiling ideas is to incorporate simple stuff without overdoing it. As you see from the image, the ceiling has this clean, flat, and straight look. There is no elevated look like you may find from tray ceiling or the recessed ceiling. However, this ceiling is stylish in its own way. It somehow matches to the other elements in the kitchen, creating a clean line and somewhat sophisticated effect.

Although the clean may look clean, it has interesting lighting fixtures. The hanging lamps and the hidden (planted) lamps right above the kitchen island look focused. The clever and creative lighting fixtures provide enough lights for the kitchen island areas – as well as becoming an extra stylish point for the kitchen. Of course, you are free to choose whatever ceiling designs you want for the kitchen. But remember, simple doesn’t always mean lousy. On the contrary, simple look can actually accentuate the ceiling in the most stylish way.

Beamed Ceiling Lighting

Beamed Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Beamed  kitchen ceiling ideas have their own natural appeal which makes it look gorgeous and naturally traditional. If you have a kitchen ceiling ideas with beamed ceiling, you won’t have to do a lot of changes or improvements – the beams alone have played crucial role in the interior design. And if you see from the image, the addition of horizontal wood beam for the lighting fixture creates an even appealing look for the kitchen.

If you have a kitchen island, the horizontal wood beam for the lighting fixture would be just perfect being placed there. But basically, the beamed ceiling is already enough to make a statement. You can have a flat beam arrangement or a triangular beam look – all of them will create stylish look for the kitchen. You be able to even incorporate hidden lights between the beam, resulting in a nice mix of modern and traditional appearance. There are so many different kitchen ceiling ideas available out there – you just have to pick one.

Small Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

Small Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

Small kitchen can actually look luxurious and somewhat glamorous if you know how to decorate the room well. Focus on one element and you should be able to improve its look. As you see from the example image, this kitchen is small and yet it doesn’t look cramped. Thanks to the big glass windows to allow natural lights to enter, the kitchen looks spacious and roomy.

The ceiling becomes an interesting focal point. With center recessed construction in blue, this part looks different from the other. The other parts are in white but the blue recessed ceiling, it creates a statement. The addition of statement lamp will also add up the interesting decorative element of the ceiling. The point is, small kitchen can have an elevated look if you focus on one particular dominating element, such as the ceiling.

Glass Ceiling Design

Glass Ceiling Design

The glass kitchen ceiling ideas isn’t only good to deliver chic, modern, and gorgeous interior decor, but it is also handy to allow natural lights to come into the room. If you are able to combine big windows or glass walls and the glass ceiling, you are able to create a bright kitchen without having to do anything. You don’t even have to include complicated lighting fixture to make the room bright – with enough light.

Imagine how beautiful to have this kind of glass ceiling ideas. It connects you to the outside world in the simplest manner. When it is sunny and bright, the sunlight helps you prepare the food and the cooking. When it is raining or even snowing, you are able to see the beautiful process right above your head. If the big glass ceiling like in the image is too much, consider having smaller skylights – but have some of them. The effect would be even greater if you balance it with glass wall or big glass windows.

Wood Kitchen Ceiling

Wood Kitchen Ceilings

If you have a modern kitchen ceiling ideas, and yet you want to bring a sense of traditional and natural look into the room, then having wooden ceiling can be a good option. Take a look at this example image. The kitchen has an appealing rustic look to it, thanks to the wooden kitchen ceiling ideas construction. naturally, you are free to choose whatever color or patterns that you want, but this image delivers a good example of how good a rustic ceiling look like in a modern and yet simple kitchen.

The all white kitchen doesn’t look boring or bland at all, thanks to the addition of (natural) color from the wooden planks. But installing wooden ceiling all through the ceiling isn’t your only design option. Consider having a tray ceiling where the inner part is from wood. Or a tray ceiling with surrounding wood ridges. If you want to elevate the look, consider about installing wood element on the ceiling in patterns. These are some of the creative options for kitchen ceiling ideas to try.

In the end, the decision to decorate the kitchen ceiling is completely up to you.

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