The most important part when you are going to build a swimming pool on your land is deciding or choosing the best shape. There are many forms of swimming pool design that will help you get inspiration, some of which are the most popular among home owners. Usually the kidney shape is their favorite. Swimming pool design will look fun if it has a beautiful design. Conversely, if the shape is too old, then you and your family may feel bored. The kidney shaped pool attests to its lofty aesthetics and modern design. Unusually shaped curved lines make your pool look unique.

So, is it a pool of kidney stones? as the name suggests “kidney” it looks like a kidney. Characterized by a long oval pool with an indentation on one side. According to Feng Shui, this form looks more natural but symbolic of infinite beauty and life.

The kidney shaped pool has stood the test of time. The advantage that you will get from it is that it will never go out of style. It is classic in nature, and is best paired with a home that has a classic hue in design and color.

Now it’s your turn to check out some of the kidney shaped pool designs that we have collected below:

Kidney Shaped Pool Patio Designs

kidney shaped patio designs

It can be seen above the blue swimming pool with the royal concept. Nicely packaged with dim lights and a large brick terraced terrace. The patio has a large wood-fired fireplace and dining area. In front of the fireplace, two sofas are provided adding to the romantic impression if you want to relax with your partner.

Mid Century Pools

mid century pools

Talking about a kidney shaped pool. It was first introduced in Sonoma in 1948 and then became popular in modern medieval houses. The first kidney shaped pool to use the Church’s modernist design used by the Donnell family for a modern home in Sonoma, California in 1948. The medieval pool matches the architecture of the modern family home. Coupled with the back seat by the pool adds to the perfection of modernity.

Small Kidney Shaped Pool

small kidney shaped pool

If you only have a smaller backyard left. You’re sure to still be looking for a kidney shape pool to relax in. For this type of kidney shaped pool. You’ll be looking for sizes under the 14 feet by 25 feet size range.

Residential Swimming Pool

residential swimming pool

Whether you are building housing or living in a residential area for yourself or your child. A swimming pool is a staple addition to almost any home. It adds value while giving you a place to stay in shape, relieve stress, and bond with family. A large and spacious size is perfect for your large family. When children are more dominant, then you can adjust the depth of the kidney shape pool in every corner so that your child can swim. Provide lots of chairs and sofas so that several people can enjoy the atmosphere at the same time.

Rectangle Shaped Pools

rectangle shaped pools

The kidney shaped pool has a Multi-Function Form. Have you ever come across a rectangular pool and had a hard time finding where the deep end begins. Don’t worry because it never happens to the kidney pool, because each curve provides a clear division. Even because of the smooth bends, it doesn’t hinder your activities in the pool. And those indentations can offer different amenities like, a sitting area, stairs, or an in-ground Spa.

T Shaped Pools

t shaped pools

This dimension is sure to please the whole family! With a separate shallow end and special deep end design, the T shape provides many functions that no other pool can provide. Kids can enjoy the shallow end while adults can dive to separate depths!

Gunite Pool Design Ideas

gunite pool design ideas

One of the famous gunite pools is the Premier Pools & Spa of the Gulf Coast which as you can see are beautifully designed. Now it’s your turn to be creative and create the gunite swimming pool design of your dreams.

Lagoon Shaped Pool

lagoon shaped pool

Lagoon shaped pool is characterized by its natural appearance. When you dare to take the form of a free swimming pool. Then make it around it like a beach entrance, waterfall, and stone decking. Then you’ve got the feel and look of a lagoon pool.

Cheap Rectangular Pools

cheap rectangular pools

In fact a rectangular pool is much simpler than a curved pool, due to its straight angles. This simplicity is what makes it a lot cheaper than others. If you want your house to look complete with a swimming pool but have a low budget, then a rectangular pool will be the most likely choice. This same simplicity makes it cheaper to hire a contractor to build a pool for you. How about the cost? This varies a lot, depending on the type of pool, and you will probably end up spending around $ 15,000 to $ 60,000.

Expensive Swimming Pools

expensive swimming pools

Maybe when you imagine an expensive swimming pool, you think of a swimming pool available in a five-star hotel, or a swimming pool in a luxurious playground. This expensive swimming pool can be found in your private residence. So you can experience the good life in a spectacular atmosphere.

Actually, what makes a pool expensive? Many people consider the high price tag of this pool to come from the technology needed to build large ones or to reach deeper depths. However this judgment may also come from the use of luxury materials such as marble, mosaic tiles or other fine design elements. Sophisticated features such as water slides, fountains and sophisticated control systems can also raise pool prices to staggering heights.

Finally, we can put together a kidney shaped pool design above which is absolutely incredible. This change makes your humble outdoor space a more elegant and luxurious area in your home. And it also be a perfect place to give your friends a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Therefore, we believe you have chosen your best design here.

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