Hidden Door Ideas

Through centuries, hidden door ideas has been created for privacy and secrecy. People built these secrets passageways to guard themselves from prying eyes, provide more security, or simply to hide something fun. Hidden doors has become an entry to exciting adventures of the unknown ever since.

Whatever you try to hide behind the doors, you could always get creative with the appearance of it. Building a hidden door ideas require patience and of course secrecy. Once a secret chamber is make, people will start to conceal it from the eye of others. They can choose to do this with a lot of tricks, not to mention plenty of panels.

Hidden door ideas are not that hard to implement. However, you do need to get witty and creative when trying to pick the place to install it. Think of Batman’s lair or Harry Potter chamber of secret, there is always a perfect place to build a hidden entrance. Thus, you get to end up with a mysterious room that leads to more fun experiments.

Escaping from the regular world to a secluded land was probably the sole reason for the existence of doors. When you need to be alone or to do things in private, these will lead your way toward your safe place. Therefore, we provide some of the best hidden doors customization below to let you choose the best idea for your own home.

Meta: Building a hidden door ideas need patience and confidentiality. Therefore, we provide some of the best designs like bookcase, secret sliding, mirror and more.

Secret Mirror Door

Secret mirror door
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Install a hidden door behind a giant mirror to get extra privacy in an out of the box way. You could connect it with a secret room or even a secret wardrobe. Either way, this hidden door ideas will guard your privacy well. However, try to be very careful when you open or close it as a mirror could be a very delicate item to work with.

Hidden Room

Hidden room doors

Say goodbye to being obvious. Really, this could be one of the best ideas for a hidden room door. You could build the door in the wooden wall panel and conceal it by mimicking the environment. Easy but not cheesy, it can be blurred with wall decoration and some wall arts.

Panel Hidden Door Ideas

Panel Hidden door Ideas

Hidden panel doors let you work your door inside a panel. You could connect it with the secret room by building it inside the wall panel. A classic wall panel turns out to be one of the many great ways to conceal a hidden door ideas. It is light, versatile, and full of dangling mystery. Paint your panel with light blue gray color to get more spark of inspiration. Enjoy yourself with this misty wall panel that gives the ambience of classic and enticing alleway upon a small secret room.

False Hidden Door Ideas

False Hidden door ideas

What is behind a false door stays behind its the false. That might not be the perfect figure of speech to describe the usage of a false door but it will still suffice. A false door creates an illusion of another thing while hiding the real thing. Regular people would see it as a wardrobe but instead they are going to find something else behind it. This is what you call hiding in the plain sight. However, to use this kind of it you need to be brave and develop some guts. A false door design is usually encouraging and unpredictable.

Conceal Door

Conceal door
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A conceal door is pretty much popular these days. These types of them will get you some secret space as well as an illusion of wider space in the original room. You are allowed to experiment a lot with this one but you need to be extra careful when trying to blend it with the whole grand design. As usual darker shades of gray can be useful to conceal a hidden door ideas. Therefore, you are suggested to use this kind of coloring as the main shade of your original room.

Hidden Bedroom Door

Hidden bedroom door

A hidden bedroom door is a classic way to make your bedroom more interesting and fun. You can put various stuff behind it, including your kinky imagination. Hide the door behind one of your wall panels to conceal it from unwanted guests. Be creative with what you put inside the wall. Be it an extra wardrobe or a dark dungeon just make sure that nobody but yourself knows how to get inside.

Bookcase Door

Bookcase door

This could be the most exciting door throughout the centuries. Installing a bookcase door in your very own home would instantly take you to the ideas of James bond and Kingsman service. It is old but always gold. You are allowed to conceal a lot of room by putting this door in the middle of your house. As it is a very entertaining hidden door ideas, you could always build an entertainment room behind it. Although it is supposed to be a secret, you are going to love inviting your friends to play inside your chamber of fun adventure. Well, don’t hold yourself! In a private room like this, you can party like no tomorrow.

Secret Sliding Door

Secret sliding door

Similar to a bookcase door, a secret sliding door will also need to work with other furniture such as a bookcase, a cupboard or even a chair. Sliding door would provide more space than a regular door. This way you can save some space and conceal your door even more. However, installing a hidden sliding door must be a bit more complicated than other hidden doors. Hiring a professional to do this for you is a better option. But, if you want to protect your secrecy you should try to build it yourself.

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