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Nowadays lifestyle is a common thing that is followed by many people in this modern era. Lifestyle includes a person’s interest through the goods or social symbols they have. One example is in terms of fashion. Choosing collectibles such as bags, shoes and even hats is a common thing. But when your collectibles are over the limit and are disorganized in the room that is what makes you feel messy. Then you have to find this way. Making a hat rack ideas are your shortcut to an organized hat collection. Remembering that hats are one of the most favorite fashion items, and you probably have more than one. To have this hat rack, you don’t need to spend a lot of space. You may make it yourself with a unique and minimalist yet versatile model.

Below is a hat rack ideas which guide you when you want to determine the rack model according to your taste or according to your needs.

Diy Baseball Hat Storage

diy baseball hat storage

Are you a baseball player or just a hat collector? Then you need this multipurpose hat rack ideas. Surely you have a pile of messy hats in your closet. A powerful way to overcome this by making a hat rack behind the door or above it. A hat rack with a curved shape as drawn is the most imitated because it can accommodate many hats and is very easy to attach in various places such as walls, doors and others. Therefore, your favorite hat remains neat and in clean condition. Besides that, it makes easier for you to find your collection.

Diy Hat Hanger

diy hat hanger
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Apart from being a fashion, hats are also a protection from the sun when you are outside the room. But it will be a problem if there is no right place to store it at home. You can do the correct and easy hat hanger installation in the hall or in your bedroom wall. Materials used are from relatively inexpensive sources. All you need is three pieces of wood or round iron measuring about one meter, a hammer, pallets and pegs, a hook and dragon wire as a hanger. To change the atmosphere so looks not flat, you must paint the alternating walls with different colors.

Diy Hat Organizer

diy hat organizer

In this illustration, it looks like you can easily copy this organizer idea. Like the hat hanger, you only need to use a plastic buckle with a clip attached. Then prepare a hook to connect the webbing to one another. After that you are free to stick it on doors, walls and cabinets. Because this hat hanger is easy to move anywhere. This idea works for those of you who want to save space for your collectibles.

Diy Wood Hat Rack Ideas

diy wood hat rack

Have you ever seen a wooden hat rack that is simple and easy to make? Here you will try it. Modern style seems to be a favorite for many people. Characterized by a simple but contemporary model. Ease of access is also provided by this wooden hat rack. Prepare a wooden board in the form of a thin block then make a pattern according to the image above. This DIY wooden rackis suitable for beginners. You can install it anywhere. This rack accommodate more hats, you know.

Homemade Hat Rack Ideas

homemade hat rack
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Take a look at the creative hat rack ideas which are made of copper as the main material. You may easily make this design by yourself. This idea combines copper pipes, ropes and clips in the manufacturing process. Copper material as a place to hang long ropes. The use of clips to hold the hat is also quite creative, considering that most hangers use hooks. But the drawback is that using clips for too long can leave marks on your hat so it is advisable to remove the hat for a while and then put it on again.

Cowboy Hat Rack DIY

cowboy hat rack diy

This type of cowboy hat is a type of head covering and requires special treatment. The shape is quite rare and unique, not easy to put in any storage area. Therefore you need a hook that can keep it safe and in good shape.

Among other hat rack options. This shelf idea is a great choice for organizing your cowboy hat collection.

Hat Holder Ideas

hat holder ideas

This hat rack idea is like using a cowboy hat holder and a baseball cap hook combined into one. This rack is made of vertical metal for storing cowboy hats while the bottom can be used for baseball caps. This model is more functional than you might think.

Pegboard Hat Rack Ideas

pegboard hat rack

This organizer shelf is very functional to help you store your important items in it. Plus, it’s great that Pegboard can be a great hat holder. All you need to do is install the pegboard where you want to put the goods.

Unique Hat Rack Ideas

unique hat rack

If you need an inexpensive but unique hat rack idea then this rack model will suit you. Prepare some wooden hangers and wooden planks as a base. Then attach the hanger with the iron hook and face it down.

Wall Mounted Hat Racks

wall mounted hat racks

Usually wall-mounted designs do not require much maintenance costs. Use wood to help you easily reach the shelves. Make an attractive color design to make the shelf look unique.

This hat rack is a contemporary type that is great for DIY beginners. You just need to prepare a wooden plank and make a pattern that resembles a hook.

Wooden Hat Rack Plans, So Simple and Easy

wooden hat rack plans

A hat rack ideas like this is not only beneficial for storing or putting a hat. But it also gives beauty to a room. The coat and hat rack is perfect for DIY beginners. Its simple and simple form makes it easy for beginners to imitate it.

Do you think which of the hat rack ideas above suits you? The hat organizer ideas above may look simple but require your attention to be not only functional but also decorative!

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