Garage Makeover

Never let a set of toolboxes, sporting equipment, or rakes restrict your style. With several garage makeover ideas, you can transform this space into something more functional and neat while saving some room.

Clutter may have kept you from parking your automobile in the garage leisurely or the car just takes too much space so there is no room for tools and outdoor items.

Whatever your reason is, it should be the best time to deal with garage renovation ideas. By organizing this space, you may make this space double as a workshop, warehouse, and even a comfy sanctuary.

Some ideas of DIY garage makeover below may inspire you to get started.

Utilize a Fold-Down Workbench

Utilize a Fold-Down Workbench Garage Makeover

Swap your over-sized lasting work table with a space-saving foldaway workbench that does not take much space in the garage.

This kind of garage refinishing idea is great because it provides an additional place to work and include wall storage to keep your tools neat.

More importantly, a wall-mounted folding workbench is capable to collapse when not in use. It is also widely available to complete your DIY project.

Bring in Magnetic Storage Panels

Bring in Magnetic Storage Panels Garage Makeover

For cheap garage ideas, store your tools on magnetic storage panels instead of an expensive toolbox. This approach is perfect if you want to grab the equipment more conveniently.

Magnetic storage panels allow you to display your tools directly on the wall. Since they are neatly presented, it will be trouble-free to retrieve. The best of all is that it is a very affordable garage makeover idea.

Hang an Overhead Storage Shelf

Hang an Overhead Storage Shelf Garage Makeover

Do not let your storage boxes, crates, or totes spread on the garage floor. Free up some space by incorporating an overhead storage shelf into this space.

Most garage before and after pictures typically include the use of overhead shelves to store infrequently utilized items like big crates, clothing, and decorations.

In case you want to access things stored on the shelves frequently, try to find an overhead hoist pulley system.

Add Ceiling Hooks For Bikes

Add Ceiling Hooks For Bikes Garage Makeover

If your single car garage ideas cannot accommodate several bikes at once, you may need to take advantage of unused space on the ceiling.

Rather than buying a few bike racks that can cost anywhere from $200 to $600, several ceiling hooks will be an affordable alternative.

You just need to get heavy-duty, rubber-coated hooks and employ a power drill to make holes from the ceiling. Then, suspend each bike by one of its wheels on the installed fastener so that they hang vertically.

Keep Sporting Equipment Together

Keep Sporting Equipment Together Garage Makeover
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In case your little ones have involved in sports, include something in the finished garages interior that keep their sporting equipment orderly.

Storing sporting items in huge bins or simply scattering them throughout the floor will not help. Instead, you can introduce a bungee storage system in your inside garage ideas.

To create this storage system, you will need bungee cords, spare wood, and nails.

Due to the flexibility of the cords, you can effortlessly access basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and other sporting equipment.

Create a DIY Garage Makeover Tool Holder

Create a DIY Tool Holder Garage Makeover

Your garage customizing idea may involve making this space a gardening shed as well. At this point, utilizing wall surface to organize rakes, shovels, and brooms easily will be a good solution.

You can organize these essential gardening tools with a hose. Simply cut little pieces of this product approximately 7 inches and split each one down the facade with scissors.

After that, nail these pieces vertically on the wall with the gap facing frontward. They will make a perfect garage makeover by offering the perfect holder for gardening and lawn tools.

Include Floor Upgrade in Your Garage Makeover

Include Floor Upgrade in Your Garage Makeover

When you want to redo garage space, finishing it off with a glossy floor coating can be one of the best approaches.

Epoxy coating can defend against chips, grease and oil stains, as well as beads water. You consider doing the painting yourself or let a professional does it.

It is easy to find epoxy paint in the nearby hardware store. To execute this one of creative garage ideas, you may only need to prepare for about $30 to buy a gallon of the product.

Add Alcove Garage Makeover Storage

Add Alcove Storage Garage Makeover

Remodeling a garage with alcove for storage is another great way to keep the clutter away. You can use it to store a variety of things, from tools to safety equipment.

You can run the alcove storage all over the wall to maximum your garage space. Mix the design with hooks and other organizers for the best results.

Consider designing the alcove storage with a base cabinet as shown above to give you both an open and closed storeroom system.

Transform into a Living Space

Garage Makeover Transform into a Living Space

Bring your garage makeover idea to the next level by transforming this space into a beautiful living space.

Garage makeover to living space is popular nowadays. Instead of transforming this room entirely, you can consider a combo.

For instance, you can simply keep the garage tools on the shelving system after bringing in some sofas and a coffee table to this space.

Consider Garage Makeover Hangout Ideas

Consider Garage Hangout Ideas

Rather than transforming your garage to a living room, you may like to add another function into this space.

This garage makeover idea allows you to double this space into a fun hangout spot. With a small coffee bar and home theater, it will be a favorite room for everyone.

Indeed, you will need a spacious room to accommodate your vehicles and this hangout space. However, with some creative garage makeover tricks, it may not be difficult.

DIY Pegboard Walls

DIY Pegboard Walls Garage Makeover

One of the easy garage makeover DIY projects is to create pegboard walls. This idea makes a great solution if you have a huge collection of tools to store.

For a chance to boost the car port visual interest, you can include some hidden lighting fixtures in the design of the pegboard walls.

Then, you may also consider painting the pegboard walls in pattern or an eye-catching color for a decorative approach.

Overall, these simple yet efficient garage makeover ideas will turn your boring, chaotic space into an organized, open, and more functional area. Happy remodeling!

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