Garage conversion ideas

If you are looking for a way to add more space in your living area,  a garage conversion can be an exquisite answer. You do not have to actually extend your homes to do this. As some of these garage conversion ideas would cost you nothing but some creativity.

To get creative, you need to pay extra attention for plenty of garage conversion ideas out there. Some of them offer amazing innovation while some generate fabulous and authentic ideas. The options are endless when it comes to garage conversion ideas. You can turn it into an extra living room, playroom, and even an open kitchen. Whichever you choose, you might end up with a lovelier home.

Garage conversion ideas can come from anywhere. You are allowed to take a stroll down your neighbourhood to get some or you can just hire people to design the conversion for you. However, doing both must be troublesome for a busy body like you. Thus, we collect some of the best garage conversion ideas below just for you. Kindly scroll down and enjoy the best brainstorming you will never forget.

Garage Conversion Ideas to Kitchen

Garage Conversion Ideas to Kitchen

Converting the garage conversion to a kitchen can be an extremely fun project. You can mix and match counters and color to get the best conversion design. This design shows that it will always save to play with black and white color. Combine them with wooden furniture and a marbling floor for a modern clean kitchen. In this garage to kitchen conversion, the placement of plants play such an important role in the grand design. The fresh look of green plants make the whole design feel more alive. Thus, you get no conventional ambience you normally get from taking black and white color scheme. Instead, you gain the fresh tropical look by utilizing these plants.

Bedroom In Garage Designs

Bedroom In Garage Designs

Ever feel like you need an extra room in your own home? Garage to bedroom conversion is definitely one good solution. Take a look at this idea for example. You will realize that you can play with a lot of stuff while doing the conversion. Lighting is the first thing to consider when you want to make garage to bedroom conversion. The installation must be perfect as a bedroom would always need extra lighting. Blue and white color scheme is perfect for bedroom design. Blue can calm the owner of the room, getting him to relax and enjoy the regular sleep nourishment. While white is making the room look clean and sharp.

Dark Garage Room

Dark garage room

Dark garage conversion ideas room can be a wonderful playroom. You merely fill it with entertainment and voila you get an excellent place to spend your lazy days. A pool is a fun thing you would want especially when you like to invite friends over to hang out. Cover your garage with wood to make it appear more homey and down to earth. This room would end up being the best room to get together with friends and family.

Convert Garage to Studio

Convert garage to studio

Garage can be normally turned into a studio at any time. You only need to build a kitchen and bathroom to get the perfect studio garage. Although the color scheme you choose could be tricky. Anyone will be able to get away easily by combining gray, brown, and white color. Pick out furniture or build your own to get the whole package of wonderful design and functionality. Install storage under your bed or sofa to keep it simple, and do not forget to stay away from heavy decorative art in order to make the room look wider. However, you are always allowed to put words on the wall for aesthetic purposes.

Garage Conversion Ideas Lounge

Garage conversion ideas lounge

One of the best garage conversion ideas you can imagine is a garage to lounge conversion. This was probably the most fun renovation you would experience in your entire life. A lounge should give quite a picture of its owner’s personality. Thus, when creating one, you have to make sure to keep on everything you like in this one place. Do not be afraid to choose your favorite color to cover the room.

Dark color, light color, or even neon color are all welcome. Nothing can ever go wrong with showing your personal style. You could even decorate the place with the art you love, neon light, and extra television. Double big sofas would also make a great idea, as you might want to invite guests to the wonderful lounge you have created. The most important thing when building this room is to enjoy yourself doing it. So, never forget to have fun while you design it!

Turn Garage into Office

Turn garage into office

You can turn your garage conversion ideas into a functional home office. Of course to keep everything professional, you might need to hire an interior designer. But, if it is your regular home office, why bother to do so? All you need is just a spark of inspiration and a thoughtful idea to combine productivity as well as functionality. When trying to make the garage to office conversion, the first thing you are going to consider is the furniture. Count how many furniture you need to squeeze in this room in order to function properly.

By doing the calculation carefully, you will be able to save sometimes you have to spend on decorating the space. Make sure to list all the items you have got to have in your office, so you won’t forget important things. Choosing the perfect office color is not that hard. You must focus on the ambience of the work you do. For example, if you work in the creative industry, blue and yellow are good for you. But, for the manufacturing business, brown is the better option.

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