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Most of people spend a lot of money to buy things for their homes. Likewise with speaker stands that are considered not only furniture but also something that can beautify the atmosphere and sound quality of your speakers. Besides that, DIY speaker stand ideas is important to ensure that the speakers are in a place that does not interfere with daily activities while in the house.

After the explanation above, don’t worry!! We do not influence you to buy new items. In fact, we will talk about some DIY speaker stands you build at home. That way you save your money but still be able to enjoy the appearance of speakers that are different from the others.

Are you curious enough about the speaker stand model? Let’s take a look at our DIY speaker stand ideas!

How to Build Speaker Stand

How to Build DIY speaker stand ideas

Generally, the position of stands should be at the ear level of the person when sitting. This position is important because it aims to align the sound to the ear and achieve the best sound balance. Frequently, we missed tone frequencies when the speakers are too high or too low. Meanwhile, if the speakers are placed on a shelf or board it often causes the surface to vibrate. Speaker stands like this reduce any vibrations from the floor, so you can hear bass from the speakers instead of distracting sound from a shelf, table, or floor. It may come in all sizes and shapes, so the height of your speaker stands depends on your unique speaker. For this model, we provide you with a suitable shape as seen in the picture, but you may change the design to suit your individual needs.

Tools Required

  • Circular Chainsaw
  • Clamp
  • Cordless drill
  • Iron
  • Miter saw
  • Usefulness of a knife

Material Needed

  • Ironing tape
  • Plywood
  • Construction screw
  • Hickory (dark wood species)
  • Maple (light wood species)
  • Foam

How to Do:

  • Glue the boards facing each other, making sure the glue spreads over the edges.
  • Cut the Plywood into desired Size.
  • Make sure the height you want for the speaker base, and make a mark on the plywood.
  • To mark your cut for the bottom corner on the speaker support leg, place the board assembly on the plywood template again, and use the plywood edge to cross out the non-angular ends of the board assembly.
  • Fasten Feet Up and Down.
  • Edge Band the Plywood. Make sure the iron keeps moving, so that the wood doesn’t burn. If you want, you add some wood finish and paint.

Wooden Speaker Stand Designs

wooden DIY speaker stand ideas
Via petertyson.co.uk

Do you have two twin speakers? If so, maybe this DIY speaker stand ideas is suit for you. All you need to build this luxurious wooden speaker stand is glue, ebony planks, and colored varnished straight wood.

DIY Metal Pipe Speaker Stand Ideas

Metal Pipe DIY speaker stand ideas

In this illustration, metal pipe stand holder heavy speaker support. Supported by the atmosphere, dark red walls look elegant. Besides, you may also add an electric cable into the pipe to make it look neat.

DIY Hanging Speaker Stand Racks

hanging DIY speaker stand ideas
Via www.flipkart.com

When you have limited space, this DIY speaker stand ideas style is perfect for you. The black wall-mounted speaker stand amazes without taking up floor space. They go well with a wooden backdrop.

Decorative Speaker Stand

decorative DIY speaker stand ideas

This model comes when you want to have a neat and beautiful room. The DIY speaker stand ideas from white PVC pipes in various sizes. After that, combine your speaker into the speaker. Now, you have an innovative periscope like speaker holder. Using white color PVC pipes make the stands more aesthetic.

Concrete DIY Speaker Stand Ideas

concrete DIY speaker stand ideas

Another way DIY speaker stand ideas is concrete. It offers a firmer base too.

  • First, determine the scale of the base.
  • Then make a wooden frame for the concrete mold.
  • After that, puncture the required metal pipes into the mold.
  • Once dry, remove the wooden frame and attach the wires to the pipes.

Show me your cool speaker that you just made on this speaker stands made concrete. In an instant, they add industrial charm to wherever in your home.

DIY Bookshelf Speaker Stand Ideas

bookshelf DIY speaker stand ideas

This wooden speaker stand looks simple and classic. But unexpectedly, this stand is really multifunctional. In addition to being used as a stand but also as a bookshelf to store your favorite books.

12 Inch Speaker Stand

12 inch DIY speaker stand ideas

It will be interesting for you when you are having an outdoor party with friends while listening to music, you can use this slim 12 inch DIY speaker stand ideas. You only prepare a white PVC tube filled with sand or other heavy objects and a simple box-shaped wooden board. Your party surely feel more complete with this speaker stand.

DIY Cinder Block Speaker Stand Ideas

cinder block DIY speaker stand ideas

Speaker stands which are easy to make and sturdy are a desires of some people. Here you will find the answer by finding the stand according to what you want. The trick is stack white cinder blocks, then use some cement mortar so that the supports don’t fall.

PVC Speaker Stand

pvc DIY speaker stand ideas

If you have two speakers at home, this stand is perfect for your choice. Make the PVC DIY speaker stand ideas out from wood planks and PVC tube. The advantage is although PVC is a cheap material, it support your speakers firmly.

Small Wooden Speaker Stand Ideas

small wooden DIY speaker stand ideas

The little stand is perfect for your DIY speaker stand ideas. The stand is made using pieces of small wood. Additionally, metal legs have uniquely shaped like hair clips bring a minimalist impression into the room.

DIY In Wall Speakers Stand Ideas

DIY speaker stand ideas in wall

Before starting to mount speakers on a wall, you first need to measure your walls and understand a few ways of how the speakers should be assembled. Keep in mind that you should make a suitable position for the structure of the room and at different heights of the listener.

Here are the steps:

  • Glue the tempered to the wall with tape and put a mark along the inside.
  • Check again to make sure that the template is in the same position.
  • Make a hole with a drilling machine, gradually increasing the circumference.
  • After the measurement in the wall cavity is suitable, cut the wall into several parts.
  • Don’t forget this step. If you move one template, you must move the other templates.
  • Use a rope to pull the cable through the cavity.
  • Then pull the speaker cable with the coat hanger.
  • Fasten the speaker for easy access.
  • Finally wall speaker could be installed with or without grilles.

Hopefully some DIY speaker stand ideas sets above provide inspiration when you are planning to make speaker stands. Choose one design which match with your speaker.

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