DIY Display Case

A DIY display case is a nice way to highlight your favorite collections. From toys to jewelry, you must have many enjoyable things to present.

Luckily, building a practical showcase is nothing difficult. You do not need to spend much money to create one too.

By employing glass, fiber, or wooded materials, you can create a usable display case at home. Let us check the below ideas to get started!

DIY Display Case for Action Figure

DIY Action Figure Display Case

Keep your huge assortment of action figures in place by creating a practical DIY display case. You can use the above picture as a great example to create one.

These action figure DIY ideas are mounted on the wall to save some floor space. That is why it makes an ideal solution for urban dwellers, which have a small house.

Toy Display Ideas

Toy Display Case Ideas

Organize your little one’s toy collections with a ladder-like shelf like shown above. This idea is perfect for holding small cars that do not require much room.

Simply tuck these toy display ideas at the corner of your nursery for easy access when needed. Consider this practical inspiration as a good way to add visual interest in the room as well.

Hot Wheels DIY Display Case

Hot Wheels DIY Display Case
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For your valuable hot wheels collection, this DIY display case is probably of interest. With some wooden boards, you can make it easily at home.

This is one of the simplest hot wheels showcase ideas to create. There is no need to perform any difficult finishing approach here.

To add some colors and interest, you can include the package of your hot wheels behind the collections.

Trophy Display Ideas

DIY Trophy Display Ideas

If you have many trophies at home, collect them and create a DIY display case to store these beloved items together.

All you need to prepare are some wooden pallets in identical sizes and a bunch of nails to create this one of trophy display ideas.

It has an open-shelving design that allows you to save some budget to purchase glass panels for the doors.

Glass Book

DIY Glass Book Display Case

Include your book collections into your home décor by creating some glass showcase to store them.

This DIY display case is perfect to keep any book that has unique covers. It makes a nice replacement for your wall arts.

Hang the cases against white or another neutral-colored wall and get ready to enjoy a gallery-like corner right in your home.

DIY for Glass

DIY for Glass Display Case Ideas

Make use of your glass collections to adorn the kitchen with a pallet display. This homemade item acts more like an open shelf for an easy-to-reach goblet.

However, the additional brass bar to keep the glasses in place and the beautiful spotlights turn it into a wonderful decoration for your wall.

DIY Essential Oil Display

DIY Essential Oil Display Case Ideas

Do not let your essential oil bottles create clutter on the countertop. Instead, create a DIY display case to keep them together while boosting the visual interest of the room.

These freestanding essential oil display can be a great example, especially if you have a huge collection.

You can arrange the bottles by colors or sizes for more organized feeling.

Coffee Cup Organizer

Coffee Cup Organizer Display Case Ideas

If you are looking for a perfect alternative to a coffee cup display, this idea is probably of interest.

With a few wood planks and a bunch of hooks, you can display a selection of coffee cups at once. Thus, they can give a decorative touch to your wall while keeping everything on reach.

The bad news is that you may need to clean the displayed cups regularly to prevent pilling up of dust on their surfaces.

Simple Book Case

DIY Simple Book Case

This is another book display case that you can create easily at home. The project does not require much work and should be painless to be tackled by even DIY display case starters.

You will need a bunch of wood planks or boards, glass panels, and nails to build this wall-mounted showcase.

Finish the work with dark paints and hang the case around your living room or bedroom.

Bottle Display

DIY Bottle Display Case

Your beer bottles deserve a nice display case to keep them neat and organized. If you want to save some money, creating one will not be a problem.

The bottle above can be a good sample if you want to create one at home. It offers enough room to highlight your collections.

Instead of painting the case in other colors, simply finish it with a glossy stain to maintain the natural beauty of the wood.

Ship Display Case

Ship Display Case Ideas

Do you have a boat miniature and want to keep it away from dust or accident? Find some ship plans on the internet to get started.

If your ship miniature is big, create a wooden case with glass sides like shown above will be perfect.

You can consider adding strip or shell lights inside this DIY display case to turn it into a more fascinating focal point.

DIY Display Case for Cabinets

DIY Display Case Cabinets

Rather than a simple wall-mounted showcase, you may like to have a cabinet to accommodate a variety of things at once.

These DIY display cabinets make a nice example if you have a huge selection of decorative items to highlight.

Its floor-to-ceiling design is indeed powerful, especially with the support of individual light on each case.


DIY Display Case For Guitar

This homemade showcase is perfect to store your most beloved guitar when no use. Its freestanding design allows you to blend it into the interior design effortlessly.

Thanks to the built-in lighting, this DIY display case can remain an interesting point in your home interior during the night.

If you do not have enough floor space for such freestanding display box ideas, consider mounting the same on the wall instead.

To conclude, a showcase allows you to turn any collection into a piece of art in your home interior. Besides, it provides adequate protection from dust while reducing the possibilities of some risks like breaking the stuff intentionally.

Therefore, depending on your needs and taste, do not hesitate to try one or two of the above DIY display case ideas.

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