Craftsman Bathroom

Are you looking for an idea to remodel your craftsman bathroom without demolishing the charm and warmth that defines this style?

Luckily, you have been in the right place to make the most of your artisan-style restroom. Even though the renovation process may take time and cost, the result must be amazing.

Below is a collection of stunning artisan restroom to inspire your upcoming project.

Custom Wood Vanity

Craftsman Bathroom Custom Wood Vanity
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Artisan-style bathrooms typically come with rich custom wood vanities that complement the gorgeous flooring as well as elegant arts and crafts bathroom lights.

Just like this restroom featuring a double wooden vanity, a pair of beautiful wall sconces, and matching floor tiles.

The walls are painted in cider to match the custom vanities and other elements. You can also add some decorative elements like a vase of orange flowers for a pop of color.

Elegant Craftsman Bathroom

Elegant Craftsman Bathroom

If you need arts and crafts bathroom ideas that seem exceptional, this one is probably of interest.

With black and olive green tiles, this restroom appears stunning despite the small space. The white standing bathtub keeps the area neutral, allowing the dual-colored walls to stand out.

Meanwhile, the wooden frames and trims also complement the design very well.

Modern Craftsman Bathroom

Modern Craftsman Bathroom

This modern-looking bathroom is perfect for you who have a long, narrow space.

Mostly painted in light beige, the restroom does not feel cramped at all. Then, the clear glass shower screen supports this idea seamlessly.

The arts and crafts bathroom vanities hint the artisan flair in this space. Adding color to the design is the pink orchid sitting on the countertop.

Concrete Floors

Craftsman Bathroom Concrete Floors

Rather than the usual ceramic tiles or natural stone, this craftsman bathroom uses concrete floors. It also acquires a pleasant combination of distinctive textures and patterns.

A floating wooden vanity houses double sinks for accommodating more than one person to use the restroom at the same time. It also offers enough storage for extra towels for all family members.

Furthermore, the glass screen helps prevent water and splash from the shower to get into the vanity area without covering up the beautifully tiled walls.

 Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts Craftsman Bathroom

Bring patterned craftsman bathroom tile floors to your space for a custom look. Pair it with a white wall-to-wall vanity for a more harmonized vibe.

You will love the DIY framed mirrors that appear like extra windows in this artisan-style restroom. A couple of wall scones tie the look together while providing additional illumination.

Charming Blue Bathroom

Charming Blue Bathroom

This craftsman bathroom has a charming vibe, featuring a freestanding bathtub and rich wooden trims.

The half-lower walls have similar tiles to the floors while the upper surfaces are painted in light blue. A wall niche offers additional room for storing towels and other restroom essentials.

An abstract patterned rug adds pattern and color to this modern craftsman.

Fascinating Small Craftsman Bathroom

Fascinating Small Bathroom

It is no secret that an old fashioned bathroom tile makes a perfect addition to any artisan-style bathrooms.

This helps to achieve the warmth and style of a craftsman bathroom. Then, to match the tiled floors, the towels as well as some decorative elements are in the same tones.

While the floors and details are in colors, the basic furniture is all in white to avoid making the room seem overwhelming.

Then, instead of a screen, a white curtain is used to add privacy and style to the bathtub area.

Wooden Bathroom Walls

Wooden Craftsman Bathroom Walls

Despite the slightly restricted space, this craftsman bathroom looks spacious and bright thanks to the use of light-colored wooden walls.

The glass shower display also helps to keep the restroom seem more open and airier. The patterned flooring in this area adds an interesting twist without being too much stand out.

Craftsman style restroom faucets and fixtures complete the design perfectly.

Luxurious Glossy Finishes

Luxurious Glossy Finishes Craftsman Bathroom

This craftsman aims for that typical elegant look with its combination of finishes. The glossy wall tiles and wood trims seem to define the purpose.

To emphasize the beauty of the dark-colored tiles, brown tiling grout is used. Wooden frames utilized around the mirror and windows highlight the attractiveness of this bathroom.

Contemporary Craftsman Combo

Contemporary Craftsman Combo Bathroom

Just like a Tudor style bathroom, artisan styles that originate in Britain can also be combined with contemporary elements for a charming outcome.

This idea makes a nice bet if you are into modern styles but do not want to discard the warmth of a craftsman bathroom.

While the freestanding bathtub and glossy floor-to-ceiling subway tile walls appear so modern, the wood-framed window hints a delightful artisan approach.

Mission Style Bathroom

Mission Style Bathroom

Most people use mission and artisan design interchangeably due to the similarity of both styles in decorative elements and overall look.

This mission style bathroom goes for a more rustic appearance rather than a modern look with its use of rough edges and textured finishes.

The over-mount vanity sink and brass faucet match the color scheme of this craftsman.

Bungalow Craftsman Bathroom

Bungalow Craftsman Bathroom

If you are searching for bungalow bathroom ideas, this artisan-style restroom is ideal for that classic elegant cottage.

With neutral tile floors, this master bathroom can feature wood furniture and trims without being too much. You can consider adding a mission style restroom mirror to complement the design.

Alternative Style

Alternative Style Craftsman Bathroom

The warmth and elegance offered by typical artisan-style can be seen in this period bathroom, making it a nice alternative for you.

Patterns and also structures on this restroom blend well to complement the broken white walls as well as furniture.

To save the floor space, a floating vanity is preferred here. Then, the exposed wooden beams and roof provides extra classical elegance on this restroom.

Additional Tips to Design a Craftsman Bathroom Style

Additional Tips to Design a Craftsman Style Bathroom

When it comes to a craftsman bathroom, do not forget that your design should include woodwork in the mirror, vanity, door frames, trims, or cabinets.

Since the artisan-style tends to focus on the use of local materials, you can use field stone, granite, and slate if the same are local quarries nearby.

Moreover, the palette of artisan styles typically mirrors the colors you can see around the home such as browns, sunny yellows, and deep greens.

In conclusion, a craftsman bathroom should be designed to appear like your natural surroundings. It will be great to be well lit and bright too!

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