Closet Rod Height

Now that you are aiming to increase your storage capabilities, knowing the ideal closet rod height should be one of the things to figure out.

Without a doubt, mounting a rod will allow you to organize your wardrobe more easily. Therefore, there is no more chaos in this storage space.

However, how high should you mount the rod for effortless access that does not require using a step stool or straining your back? Let’s find the answer as follows.

What Is the Ideal Closet Rod Height?

What Is the Ideal Closet Rod Height

Typical closet rod height should depend on your plan on managing this storage space. Whether you select a single-rod or double-rod system, it will influence the ideal approach.

Closet rod height for a single-rod system can accommodate one tier of hanging space. It should allow you to put shoe racks on the floor under the bar.

Meanwhile, a double-rod system will give you one upper and lower bar adjoined in parallel, offering more hanging room.

Either single or double closet rod heights, finding the proper measurement to install the bar is critical. This way, you can access your clothes from a standing position.

Single Rod Height

Single Closet Rod Height

If you want to hang your long coats, pants, skirts, suits, and dresses without sweeping or folding against the wardrobe floor, a single-rod system is just right.

This rod system will keep your garments wrinkle-free and clean. Thus, there is no need to iron them frequently.

For a coat closet rod height like this, you should mount the bar 5.5 ft above the floor.

Double Closet Rod Heights

Double Closet Rod Heights

In case your wardrobe contains mostly short garments, a single-rod system may leave a lot of vacant space on the lower side.

At this point, installing a double-rod system allows you to maximize this extra space by providing an extra bar mounted several inches below the top one.

Different from single rod height, you should mount the top rod of a double-bar system around 6.75 ft above the floor.

Meanwhile, the lower rod should be set up around 3.3 ft above the floor. This arrangement will make you effortlessly hang everyday blouses, shirts, shorts, folded pants, and blazers on the secondary bar.

Then, considering the closet rod height of the top bar, you can keep less often-worn skirts and long coats here.

If you want to install the double-rod system for the little ones, consider mounting the lower bar 2.5 ft above the floor so that they can reach their outfits easily.

General Guides to Get the Best Rod for Your Closet

General Guides to Get the Best Rod for Your Closet
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Aside from closet rod height, it is also important to consider other factors for perfect placement. One of the aspects is the depth of the bar.

You have to stick on a precise closet rod depth or measure perfectly how far the bar should be placed from the rear wall of this storage space.

Make sure to leave adequate space between the rear wall and your closet rod. This way, you do not need to deal with wrinkles on one side of your garments.

Similar to the ideal closet rod height, there is a perfect measurement for the depth too. In this case, you should mount the bar at least 1 ft from the rear wall.

Remember that most wardrobe have a depth of 2 ft, so mount the rod around 1 ft from the rear wall should be perfect.

Mark the Measurement

Mark the Measurement Closet Rod Height

Well, you have already known the answer to this question: how high should closet rods be? Then, let’s start mounting the bar.

However, you had better mark the rod measurement before installation to make sure perfect placement.

First, place your tape measure horizontally and gauge 1 ft from the rear wall to signify the perfect depth of the closet rod.

Second, measure 5.5 ft from the ground upward to determine the perfect closet rod height.

Then, the intersection of the above measurements designates where you should mount the closet rod.

Utilize Rod’s Bottom as a Guide

Utilize Rod’s Bottom as a Guide Closet Rod Height

To determine what hanging rod for closet height is, you should use the bottom of the bar as a measuring guide.

This way, there should be a full 5.5 ft between the wardrobe floor and the rod once you have mounted it.

Start drilling holes into the marked positions on the sidewalls once you have discovered the optimal closet rod height.

You had better make sure that the walls have studs to offer the best support for your wardrobe’s weight. Into the holes then, place in a mounting hardware like heavy-duty wall anchor.

After that, secure the closet bar holder to the anchors. Be certain to take advantage of a level to verify your work.

Now that you have installed the bar based on the ideal closet rod height on its holder, your closet organization is going to be complete.

Leave Wiggle Space

Leave Wiggle Space Closet Rod Height

You may also wonder the standard closet shelves height since this storage space often comes with these features as well.

With these features in your wardrobe, you should not let them restrict the optimal rod placement by mounting the bar underneath the shelf.

From the bottom of the shelf to the top of your closet rod, it is recommended to make a distance of around 0.16 ft.

Without the said minimal clearance, the room between the rod and the shelf will be too tight to accommodate your hangers.

In case the shelf is located underneath, you may consider lowering a closet rack to provide adequate space for the hung garments.

For a more flexible option, swap your permanent closet rack with storage baskets.

Final Verdict and Other Closet Organization Ideas

Final Verdict and Other Closet Organization Ideas

In addition to rod systems, you can also add other storage organization ideas to maximize your closet spaces.

For instance, to easily sort throughout different kinds and sizes of wardrobe, you can print some easy-to-hang divider tags on card stock.

Then, inserting shower rings to a hanger will offer you individual holders for your scarf collections. Hooks are other good options to organize necklaces, bags, and hats in the wardrobe.

Overall, knowing the right closet rod height is one thing, and being knowledgeable of other organization ideas is another useful aspect to recognize. Happy organizing!

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