cinder block fire pit

During the summer months, you may focus on spending the day outdoor, visiting beautiful beaches, or taking summer courses. However, when the summer goes away and the cold winter months come, you set the plans to stay at home. You love to retreat indoor, instead of outdoor. During the cold season, fire pit must be one of the best companions you have at home, right? Are you preparing one? Cinder block fire pit is one of great ideas to consider.

Cinder Block Fire Pit

You might ask whether you could make a fire place from cinder block, as fire pits are mostly made of concrete blocks or cement. In fact, it is a great idea of DIY cinder block fire pit. You can make it as an outdoor project at the backyard of your house to welcome the summer days. You might wonder how cinder block fire pit is differentiated from concrete block fire pit as they are dominantly made of the same structural elements. In fact, there are some properties that make them different.

Cinder Block Fire Pit As An Outdoor DIY Project

One important aspect that differentiates cinder blocks from concrete blocks is extra materials in the cinder blocks. Cinder blocks are made of concrete and cinder with addition of ash, meanwhile concrete blocks are made of mainly cement, steel, stone, and sand, as seen in the picture below. Different materials make cinder blocks lighten than concrete blocks.  As seen in the picture below, the round fire place is made of cement and stones. It is permanent in the place; therefore, it is not moveable.

Cinder Block Fire Pit As An Outdoor DIY Project

As they are much lighter, cinder blocks cannot withstand high pressure. That is why they are not used in big structure like high walls. However, to make fire place, cinder blocks are practical enough. Actually, if you need the cinder blocks for a bigger project like garden wall, you need concrete or metal reinforcement to strengthen the cinder blocks. Cinder blocks are especially favorable for fire place as they absorb heath and keeps in sparks. Therefore, instead of concrete or cement blocks fire pit, cinder block fire pit makes a great option of DIY projects during weekend.

When building a firepit with cinder blocks, you do not need many construction materials like mortar. You just need to stack the cinder blocks on the top of each other. If you want to make the fire place sturdier and stable, adding some mortar to the construction will be a benefit. However, adding mortar means that you cannot move the fire place. If you want to move it or plan to modify the look in the backyard of your house, stacking the cinder blocks is enough to make the DIY fire pit project.

4 Great Ideas of DIY Cinder Block Fire Pit

Actually, a cinder block fire pit looks almost similar to the indoor fireplace. If you plan to build it only for use during the winter months, then there is no need to build a permanent one. Actually, an outdoor fire place made of cinder blocks is still a great place to roast marshmallow or to have a barbeque party with your family during the summer evening. Now that you decide to build a cinder block, then the following ideas may inspire you:

Square Cinder Block

Square Cinder Block Fire Pit

Look at the picture below. It is a simple but nice fire pit, right? Square cinder block fire pit is easier to make, as you just need to stack the square cinder blocks on the top of each other. They make a stable fire place and it looks sleek when finished. To finish the look, you can spread some grate or pebbles around the fire place. As seen in the picture above, planting some beautiful flowers around the fire place makes the look even more eye-catching.

Round Cinder Block Fire Pit

Round Cinder Block Fire Pit

Round-shaped cinder block fire pit also looks beautiful, particularly when you design it as a permanent one. If you plan to have a construction project that involves a round cinder block and a seating area that surrounds it, the following image may inspire you. Besides using it as a fire place during the cold months, you can have a small marshmallow or barbeque party around it during the summer days. To make a round or cylinder block fire pit, you may need to use mortar to strengthen the construction.

Makeshift Fire Pit

Makeshift Cinder Block fire pit

Do you consider making a non-permanent or moveable fire pit? The following image of makeshift fire place is one of great ideas to consider. You are able to move it anywhere and anytime you want it, depending upon your need. This is also the choice if most of the area at the backyard of your house is paved.

DIY Cinder Block

Do you have an idea of fire pit cinder block? Why don’t you set a plan to build it as a weekend DIY project with your kinds? There are many ideas to inspire you, from simple cinder block fire pit to the complex one. Then, set up a seating area or playing area for your kinds around the fire place. How the finished fire place looks depends upon your creativity in choosing the design and placing it. As in the picture below, the fire place is built near to a small gazebo at the backyard. This is a smart choice, right?

DIY Cinder Block Fire Pit
Via Pinterest

Having a spacious backyard is really an advantage. You can design it as an pleasant area, where your family, relatives, and friends do many activities that strengthen your bond. Cinder block serves you many functions, from an outdoor fireplace to an outdoor barbeque area, depending upon the season of the year. Do not worry that the cinder blocks explore when exposed to fire heat. Instead, they are even stronger in withstanding heat better than then the river rocks.

Of course, every material used to build the fire place as its advantage and disadvantages. Make sure to choose them carefully based on your objective, budget, and in building the fire pit.  In addition, strength, stability, and durability are also important things to consider.

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