Chicken Roost Ideas

It has been said that a good place to Chicken Roost Ideas gets your chicken happier. Farmers can go all the way in order to make their chicken more productive. From feeding them with a nutritional diet to creating a creative chicken coop  roosting area, you should be able to find a lot of ways to maximize chicken productivity. Therefore, it is important to choose your perfect chicken roost from some of the best chicken roost ideas below.

To build the perfect chicken roost ideas, you need to gather some tools and materials beforehand. You should prepare a saw and sandpaper if necessary. For the material, please gather some branches or boards for your chicken roost. Aside from those items and materials you should also prepare some time to actually build it. Make sure to prepare some free time so you have enough to finish it without being too hasty.

If you have gathered all the necessities, you should start to browse for ideas. Luckily, we have compiled a list of chicken roost ideas down below. Hopefully, these will help you in the journey of being the best chicken farmer in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these ideas and let’s have some fun.

Chicken roosting bar ideas – there are a lot of ideas you are allowed to use for your roosting barn. Here are some of them:

The Wheels on The Bus

The Wheels on The Bus

Anyone could easily fit this chicken roost ideas in all kinds of small backyards. This design is made specifically for everyone with a small lawn. You do not need a large garden to maintain this coop, you should be able to even make one in the back of your house. The side boxes attached to the coop can function as a storage for your chicken food. These are also good for keeping some straws to warm your chicken on the coldest night.

Trampoline with Chicken Roosting Ladder

Trampoline with chicken roosting ladder

Who said a farmer cannot have some fun? This chicken coop house is a modification that takes a chicken house to a whole new level. The design combines the use of a trampoline and free range chicken coop. The idea is to keep the farmer and the chicken happy at the same time. Created from aluminium frames, this chicken coop can be taken to every corner of your lawn. The purpose was to get the chicken enough nutrients from the soil below them. Once the soil runs out of food, you should just move the coop to another corner with more nutrient density.

The coop is also completed with a chicken roosting ladder. With this ladder, your chicken can roost and boost their mood at the same time. The trampoline above can function as a trampoline, really. You would love to use it for jumping around with your friends and family. It would also boost your happiness as it did to your chicken.

Chicken Dome

Chicken Dome

A chicken dome is good for free range chicken. Please consider building this if you choose to keep your chicken eggs and meat 100% organic. Instead of creating it out of a bunch of durable branches, you should build it from lighter materials. Aluminium frames and pipes can be the best options for this type of chicken house due to the fact that you want to be able to move the house all around.

Make sure you adjust the size of the house to your needs. Avoid building a small chicken house if you have more than 10 chickens inside. You want to make the house as spacious as a barn to get them happy and productive.

Classic chicken roost plans

Classic chicken roost plans

Everyone loves classics. As industrial and vintage designs are big these days. This design could also be applied to your chicken house. Build a small rustic chicken house from used boards and spare branches. Do not forget to also install vintage doors to make your chicken house even more beautiful.

You are allowed to also put an artistic sign above the door to create a homey look. Surround your chicken roost ideas with plants to give them a hint of boho look.

Outdoor Chicken Roost

Outdoor chicken roost

This outdoor chicken roost ideas is perfect for those of you with a small backyard. Built with an A-frame, the chicken house takes a triangle shape in the center of the lawn. Not only functioning as a perfect nest for your chicken, this chicken house also provides your backyard with a great centerpiece. Please build this chicken house out of solid boards.

Paint it in dark brown to give it a more natural look. You should surround your chicken coop with plants and flowers to keep the chicken smells away from your house. Make sure you spend some time to clean this kind of chicken roost ideas regularly.

The Hobbit and The Chicken Roost Design

The Hobbit and The Chicken Roost Design


Ever dreaming about creating a small hobbit house for your chicken? Well, this design can be a dream come true for you. With such a good imagination, anyone could picture their chickens as the cast of The Lord of The Rings. Because, why not? Aren’t they as small as the hobbit? Joke aside, this chicken house is suitable for those of you who live in a cold area. To protect your chicken from the harshest winter, you need to create a warm and protected chicken house. Thus, when you build it, make sure you use thick boards to prevent the cold weather coming inside the coop.

Best Chicken Roost Designs


Best chicken roost designs

Playfulness is the core of this chicken roost design. To keep your chicken roost, kids and family friendly, you should put some colors on it. Get the wildest color combination available in your imagination to make the most fun building it. This is by far the best chicken roost ideas ever existed in the history of chicken roost. Get creative and paint the door with yellow and blue. Do not forget to also add hints of red inside the chicken house. Nevertheless, you will get a playful lawn and happy chickens at the same time.

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