Brown cabinets are still among the best options for your kitchen. They have timeless beauty, thanks to the earthy and environmental vibes that they bring into your house.  They are available in so many different designs, from those with shaker doors to the ones with unique styles. When designed properly, even small kitchens with dark cabinets feel spacious and cozy.

Do you feel that the existing kitchen cabinets outdated? Don’t worry, as there are so many ways for you to modernize the look. From updating to replacing some parts of the cabinet. Whether you are going to maintain the home value before sale or update brown cabinets in kitchen for a fresher look, the efforts won’t do any harm for you.

How to Modernize the Brown Kitchen Cabinets

The following are some ideas for modernizing the kitchen to fit the entire style by using brown cabinets:

Color brown kitchen cabinets with Contrasts

Color brown kitchen cabinets with Contrasts

Whit is believed to be the best color companion for brown in the kitchen. If you have already brown kitchen cabinets, which are still in very good condition, then you can create white and brown kitchen cabinets by painting the wall white. As seen in the following image, the small kitchen is cozy with the perfect combination of wall kitchen paint and dark brown cabinets. The two colors dominate the designs. The homeowner also chooses the same earthy tone for the dining set and lighting fixtures.

If repainting the kitchen wall feels too much for a weekend project, another idea to create white and brown tone in the kitchen is by repainting or replacing the countertops. Combination of brown kitchen cabinets white countertops, nude paint color, and green plants in vase really create an earthy atmosphere in the kitchen. This is made perfect with the exposure to natural light and air. This way, it is more environmentally friendly, as it is not dependent upon lighting fixtures.

repainting the kitchen

The following image of modern style with dark brown kitchen cabinets really is really eye-catching, right? The brown and white combination is created by the dark brown cabinets, white ceiling, and white cabinet accessories. If your kitchen has already had white ceiling, it is an advantage, as your homework is easier. Stripe brown cabinets, as in the image, and white accessories like cabinet door handles, white refrigerator, and white lighting, bring in the desired atmosphere without you having to replace the dark stained cabinets as a whole.

Graded brown kitchen cabinets Tone

Graded brown kitchen cabinets Tone

Another idea to modernize your kitchen with dark cabinet is embracing graded tone. It includes combining brown colors in two different tiers. The image below is a great example. The homeowner puts a set of granite countertops with brown kitchen cabinets. The granite countertops are perfect matches for the kitchen wall paint, while the cabinets have similar tone to that of the kitchen flooring. There are only two dominant colors in it, namely light brown cabinets and cream countertops and wall paint.

You certainly agree that dark brown, light brown, and cream belong to the same group of color, right? They make a perfect combination for it with graded tone. As seen in the following image. It has darker and lighter brown wood cabinets, combined with soft-brown countertops, wall paint, and ceiling. Meanwhile, the homeowner keeps the kitchen flooring earthy by choosing wooden-tone floor.

Kitchen wooden-tone floor

If you choose to embrace this idea of dark floor dark cabinets, make sure to keep any other elements simple. Avoid displaying many kitchen decors in the cabinet or putting kitchen appliances on the countertops, as they can make the room feel cramped. This is especially true for small areas. In addition, choose the lighting elements carefully. Try your best to benefit from natural sources of light.

Textured Look

Textured Look

Elevating the kitchen look with smart mix of colors or textures is another exciting idea to modernize the kitchen. Playing with textures does not necessarily require much work. You may do it as a part of weekend project. The following is a perfect example of how black wood cabinet is mixed with textures.

As seen in the picture, texture is used for the kitchen backsplash and the floor. The homeowner chooses flooring tiles with textured look and puts a flooring mat in different motif for the dining set. Then, textured look is even more evident from the kitchen backsplash. Meanwhile, the espresso brown cabinets and dining set are kept simple to avoid cramping atmosphere.

Medium brown kitchen cabinets

Another great idea to provide your kitchen with texture is benefitting from wooden materials for the kitchen cabinets and the floor. Keep the wooden materials in their natural look. Medium brown kitchen cabinets as seen in the following picture are combined with dark floor.

Black Wood Cabinet

kitchen dark cabinets

The wooden materials are naturally textured. Therefore, you just need to finish them with varnish. Complete the look with textured backsplash. Light cabinets dark floor seem to be an unusual combination, but the finish is actually cozy.

If you have a farmhouse, then adding texture to the kitchen design is even more hassle-free. The farmhouse commonly embraces a very natural concept, such as using natural materials like wood, rattan, and stone. In the following sample image, farmhouse dark cabinets are combined with elements in various hues, like white, black, and light brown.

Combination of black and brown cabinets goes well as the homeowner mixes and matches the elements and materials in a smart way. To accentuate the theme. Do not forget to display your collections of clay pots, ceramics, and appliances. Again, the choice of materials is the key for a perfect look in a farmhouse kitchen.

Those are there main ideas to embrace brown kitchen cabinets and upgrade the look and styles in your area. In fact, there are so many other ideas to try, depending upon your personal styles. Do not worry to keep a try, as your mood in the kitchen determines how you prepare foods and beverages for the entire family.

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