Bathroom door ideas

Modern bathroom door ideas come with so many shapes, textures, and color. Choosing the right one can be time consuming sometimes. You have to come to the right store and browse through hundreds of doors just to find the perfect one. Imagine the struggle you need to do just to get this done. Are you going to start your search in this store or that one? And after you find the one you think is right, you would start to question yourself. Is there no better one out there? To skip this misery, you can take a look at these bathroom door ideas. Hopefully, before you make your purchase, you can get a picture of what kind of door you really want to buy.

1. Cool bathroom doors

Bathroom door ideas

Painted in grey metallic color, this bathroom door ideas is going to support your bathroom with a fresh and modern look. It is suitable for the same color and theme bathroom. Pair the door with series bathroom furniture in grey and black. This should get you an ultimate minimalistic getaway while you enjoy your me-time of taking a bath. Placing this big bathroom door ideas might be a little difficult if you own a small bathroom. But, for the owner of a big size bathroom, this is definitely the dream door.

2. Sliding bathroom door

Sliding bathroom door ideas

Having a sliding door is good for everyone who wants to save space. By using a sliding door you could get extra space to squeeze your bathtub in the bathroom. Isn’t it amazing? Sliding bathroom door ideas can also give an extra boost for your house functionality. So, if you are a big fan of small functional houses, this door is the holy grail for you. They come in so many shapes and textures, so you do not have to worry about not getting the perfect one for your house. So, what are you waiting for? How about starting to design your small house now?

3. French door bathroom

French door bathroom

Everything from French is going to be trending this year. If you are a big fan of it, this door is the right answer. French door is able to instantly make your bathroom look more classy and elegant. They are usually made of steel with big glasses on the frame. This door is a see-through door. So, you need to be extra careful when placing it. When you do not like your privacy being compromised, you can hang a curtain at your door. This way you could still get the french look without damaging your quality time.

4. Barn style doors for bathrooms

Barn style doors for bathrooms

Are you ready to make a statement? Yes! This is the perfect statement for any big size farm house. Barn style doors for bathrooms are currently popular among owners of farm houses. Its stylistic look is going to highlight the identity of any farm house easily. Made of many types of wood, you can choose the most sturdy to keep it at the lowest maintenance cost. Teak and mahogany would be wonderful options for bathroom door ideas. But, oak can also add more beauty around the house.

5. Frosted bathroom door

Frosted bathroom door

If you create a bathroom for a sexy and sultry experience, a frosted glass door is the right choice. You cannot see right through the door. But, you can still watch the shadow of the person inside. As a result, a certain illusion should be able to cloud your head with a rich imagination that would take you elsewhere. When you want to decorate your bathroom using frosted glass, you need to pay attention to its thickness. A better door usually has a thicker frame. You need to choose the thickest for safer use.

6. Mirrored bathroom doors

Mirrored bathroom doors

For a small bathroom, mirrored bathroom doors ideas might work just like magic. Combined with a set of mirrors in the side wall, this door will create an illusion that makes your tiny little bathroom appear gigantic. To make it more appealing, you can decorate your bathroom with clean, white, glossy furniture. This combination of color would make your bathroom shine like a diamond. Good lighting is also an important key in creating the illusion. Just as we know, it is only natural that magic cannot occur in dark places. Therefore, to get the most of it, you need to install an extra lamp in this type of bathroom. Do not forget to keep the wiring out of reach.

7. Rustic bathroom door

Rustic bathroom door

Everybody seems to fall in love with rustic looks lately. Well, it cannot be helped that the vintage rustic look tends to give us the feel of comfort and warmth. However, rustic bathroom door  can give a warm but heavy look if you are not careful with it. You have to be able to combine it with lighter furniture to give the most feeling out of it. A rustic door requires a lot of maintenance too. Make sure you give it some time to scrub it from time to time. If you are a busy person, then you might want to hire someone else to do it for you.

8. Plastic door for bathroom

Plastic door for bathroom

It might not be the prettiest one out there, but if you are looking for convenience then this one is perfect for you. Plastic doors will not require many of your attention. They are quite sturdy and they can last for a very long time. They come with so many shapes, color and texture. You can even find one that resembles wood or metal. With this kind of door, the options are limitless. Make sure you set the bathroom theme before choosing a bathroom door ideas later on.

9. Stylish bathroom door

Stylish bathroom door

These stylish bathroom door ideas are made of wood. A bit different from the ones before, this door comes with a stylish look. With this strong look, you will want to make the door as a centerpiece of your bathroom. Thus, what you need to do is pick the door before styling the bathroom. A geometric pattern is the best for an industrial look. However, to get an artistic looking bathroom, you might want a bathroom door ideas with a mural on it.

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